Monday, February 14, 2011

A little of this and a little of that!

Well, looks like I've neglected blogging lately.  I suppose I've been having a lot of fun being a new grandma and having company!

Here's a bit of the fun I've been having:
 The infant cap and gown in these pictures were hand sewn by my dad's grandmother for him when he was a baby.  The cradle was made by my dad when I was having babies!

 Here are some random fun shots!

 But, life isn't all about Jayden...
My dad was here for a few days and at that time life was about my dad and Jayden!
Then my mom arrived and life became all about my mom and Jayden!
No... not really!  We have actually gone out fishing and visiting and didn't even take the baby... his mom said something about him being too young...

We went to our friend's home for a visit.  He just bought some property with a fixer upper home and it gave me lots of photo opportunities!  I've been studying a lot about shooting manually and how to adjust the shutter speed and all that stuff, so it was not just fun to go visiting, but fun to keep my camera in hand!


We had a funny moment... There was a cat that decided to really, really like us and he kept following us around.  My mom does not like cats and kept shooing him away.  It wasn't always working... and there was some such comment about her having this cat... I caught a couple shots of her as she said the funniest thing that had me laughing:

Up in the top picture you can detect the bit of mischief in her eyes!  She then says, "I am highly allergic to cats... especially that one!" Doesn't she look convincing?

Now we are off to see what fun we'll have today.

Blessings to you all!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rebekah had a birthday!!

And because it was the day after her nephew was born, the spotlight was a bit dim.  For the past few days I have been waiting for a couple of hours where I could sit and write about her birth and share favorite photos from her childhood.  This morning I finally have that bit of time.  Before I begin, I love you, Rebekah!  I know that you understand why my birthday message wasn't "on time" and it's just like you to not even mention it.  You are lovely. 

Somewhere out there... inside a keepsake box in the garage... I have a calendar that I hope has some details of Rebekah's birth.  I'll share the important things that I remember, though!  I know that I went to bed on the night of the 5th and sometime later, my water broke.  I had my photo taken before leaving for the hospital:

My labor progressed on it's own and I did take a bit of pain relief in my IV, but it made me really goofy!  In between a couple of contractions I sat up and called out, "Shasta!  Get out of the trash!"  Shasta wasn't there.  She was with a sitter. I didn't take any more pain meds after that. My labor lasted about 12 hours and Rebekah was born... my smallest full grown child was my biggest baby... 7 lbs. 14 oz!   
When the doctor delivered her, she was immediately wrapped and swept away.  No announcement was made.  No, "It's a girl!" was declared.  I had to ask!  Inside the recovery room (a very large room with 6 beds and curtains in between) I held her, checking her out.  All was quiet.  Babies in the room must have been asleep.  Moms were resting or enjoying their new bundles.  And I sat gazing at Rebekah.  Her little nose was smooshed over to one side a little and I said, "Wow... You're a funny looking thing!"  And I heard one of the mom's gasp out loud!  Well... yeah, I did say that, but she was absolutely precious.  Adorable.
She had a unique feel all her own.  Her personality came through fairly early.  She did not like being a baby. She had bigger plans!  She didn't like the limitations of infancy.  As soon as she could stand in the walker and explore, she became a much happier person.  To this day she is a girl of adventure!

For her one year portrait (above), she would not smile.  She wanted to be held.  But, I knew one of her greatest loves was her baby brother, Stephen.  So, I put the baby into her arms, she'd smile big, then I take the baby out and the photographer would snap the picture before she could start to cry again!

She loved receiving a Bible for Christmas!
I remember just LOVING this stage of Rebekah's childhood!  I never wanted it to end.  She was sweet as could be.  Smart.  Loved books. 


Now my girl is not only a wonderful daughter, loved girlfriend, special sister, fun friend, college girl and terrific niece... but she is an adorable aunt!  She was the first one, outside of mommy and daddy, to hold Jayden... at one hour old!

So, happy belated birthday, my dear girl!  Many happy returns of the day!