Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday... or... maybe just a

favorite photo of the week!  I've been enjoying weekly photo challenges at other blogs and came across another one that is called Foto Friday (I am fairly sure from checking it out over a few weeks, that you can post any day of the week, though!).  For starters there, I will share one of my favorites of the week.  I would just love to share my absolute favorite of the week, but it will be a surprise gift for someone and I cannot make it public just yet... VBG.

Without further ado... my Wordless Wednesday and Foto Friday on Wednesday... lol... I just love this photo.  He's not smiling, but just look at those beautiful lips and cheeks!  And he still makes that delightful "newborn" fist (yeah, I know, he's 7 1/2 weeks... but, still!) Oops, I truly cannot call this a Wordless Wednesday... oh dear.
I DO actually take photos of many other things besides grandbabies... and I have sat and pondered great things to share... however, I've been blogging on the fly lately.  Last night I had a beautiful blog entry formed in my mind as I fell to sleep.  This morning, however, I have no idea what it was even about.  Sigh.  I know I should keep a notebook by my bedside...  Oh! There's a bit of memory coming back... Yep!  I remember now... I was thinking about my testimony and the times from early childhood when I began to love God.  I drifted off to sleep thanking God for those who planted seeds in my heart, fondly remembering tender moments of my conscience.
Here are a few shots that I took, admiring the sunshine this morning:

Ah, very good.  No babies in those shots.  LOL.

May you have a blessed rest of the week.  I am now off to rustle up the savages and get them off to school.  (I love them dearly, really... lol)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Once upon a time....

a sweet, adorable baby boy was born.  Twelve years ago today.  He was the apple of his momma's eye, too.
He was curious, smart, confident... and anyone who met him was charmed by his loving hugs and winning smiles.
While he was a wee toddler, his mom began a difficult battle with cancer.   While I am sure relatives, Dad, Mom and big brothers made a great effort to "normalize" a mom fighting for her life, Cody's heart must have often times been heavy.  Pictures of his mom kissing his plump cheeks... knowing that she wouldn't be here to watch him grow up and become a young man... well... how can your heart not feel something?  How can you not want to cry with them?  Cody's mom passed away when he was 8 years old. 

The next few years brought non-stop change for Cody.  His dad fell in love with this lady who had lots of kids and not only was his life turned upside down, so was his house and everything he knew. 

It seems that Cody has kept trying... over and over... to adjust to a new "normal".  So, if you hear a story about him being a handful....  If you hear a relative speak of some challenge or misbehavior... perhaps you can extend some loving grace.  After all, people are much more likely to become a better person when they are loved and have something to hope for.

I am privileged to be Cody's 2nd mom.  Honestly, it's one of the hardest jobs I will ever have.  When I see him overcome a habit... work hard on something that isn't easy when he doesn't want to... I am very, very proud of him. 

Some days I tell him, "Cody, there's just nothing the two of us can't do!"  Because on those days he is my right arm... He is a talented cook and knows this house and everything in it like the back of his hand.  There have been many times he has been great company to me. 

He is one terrific fisherman, too!  He knows his fish... his tackle... and is a wildlife extraordinaire!
(This was him this morning... not wanting to smile for mom's black box... but, I kept trying to catch one of him laughing...)
We'll be celebrating his birthday this upcoming weekend and I'll share some more pictures then.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Time...

... at the LENS photo challenge... and, just as important, at MY home!

Spring.... longer evenings... sleepy mornings... beautiful bright colors.

Spring.... the yearly reminder that God makes all things new.  He refreshes.  He restores.
Spring.... the solemn slipping into the sanctuary for prayer.
 When sitting quietly is enough.  When pondering the sufferings of our Savior hurts us deeply, leaving us all the more thankful for so great a salvation.

Looking forward to each new day ahead.  A time to rejoice.  A time to cry.  A time to love.  A time to praise God, from whom all blessings flow.
The blessing of life.
The blessing of vision.
The blessing of dreams.  

Have a beautiful Spring, friends!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Love it when I don't need words... because it's...

Wordless Wednesday, where the pictures speak for themselves!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Wonder

Every once in a while, a moment takes your breath away.

And what's better?  Many more breath taking moments...
 (Jayden with great-great Grandma!)

And while I don't have each child represented in today's selection of photos... I just have to say it again... I am crazy about my kids!

And while this moment doesn't take my breath away... it's a moment lived over and again...
(gaming brothers, with Uncle)

I'm holding my blessings close to my heart.  Hope you have a week with beautiful moments.

Could it be green??

Once upon a time (last week) there was a beginning photographer who was trying to capture a brilliant blue color for a weekly photo entry.  She stealthily followed around her sun conure, who sensed that he was being stalked and would not sit still on his perch (usually the back of a chair).  In any event, the said photographer ended up capturing one terrific shot of green feathers, which turned out to be the theme of another weekly photo event at Home is where you start from.

Meanwhile, a dearly loved grandson was being dressed in his festive St. Patrick's Day clothing and when this excited photographer arrived on the scene, she had her camera in hand!

Upon arriving back home, photographer noticed that her very favorite spring flowers were putting on a show!

The next day found our beloved photographer on a road trip and when she settled in as a guest at her destination and went to look out the door, what did she find?  None other than a great photo op heralding not only the color green, but abstract art as well...(this is the decorative glass in the door window, the green is from the grass outside)

So, beginning photographer visited, ate and slept, and traveled home for a dream filled sleep in which she learned more about lighting and color and began taking better photos...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

LENS Photo Challenge

This week's photo challenge at Home is where you start from is "Mom in the Middle".  The purpose, a kinda fun one, being to get mom in the picture, handing someone else the camera.

I thought I might as well have some fun with this and started looking through this winter's pictures and found mom in the middle of several things...

Mom on the middle of a rock:

Mom is in the middle of cooking:
In the middle of winter, trying to stay warm:
(I have the hardest time with window glare in my home... I haven't figured out the "best" time of day for photos here and even if I did, what if the perfect scene and time to capture a memory is not during that "better" time of day for window glare?  Any tips?)
Mom... in the middle of her... "entourage".... "brood".... "homies":
And quite recently, Mom, in the middle of her mom and daughter, with the camera set on a timer:
My greatest desire is to be in the middle of God's will... in the middle of life... Not that I need to be in the middle of "attention", but I have such a desire to live fully... to be fully engaged... to be filled with energy and enthusiasm... in the middle of a life of love. 


Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Day with the Baby!

Today I got the loveliest call from my daughter.  She said that she wished she could wake up and start yesterday over.  You see, yesterday I went to visit her at her house and we had a lovely time.  We moved furniture here and there and took turns holding the baby.  He smiles a little now and does his first baby babbling when looking at things!  Here he is enjoying his toy mat:
Shasta mentioned something on the phone about Jayden growing up thinking that his grandma has a black box in front of her face all the time (the camera)... and someone else told me he'll probably think I only have one eye... but, I cannot resist.  I love to hold him... smell him... and never want to let go... but, since I have to let go, I may as well have pictures to look at when he isn't around!!  Here he is in his swing:
So, then I was standing and holding him and he fell asleep in my arms and I was trying to take a picture of what I see when I look down at him in my arms.  I stood there with the camera against my head, my head bent over a little, one-handedly trying to get the shot...
Shasta came downstairs, laughing at me and offered to take the picture for me:
Not too bad, Shasta!
And, without further ado... more baby photos... after all... he IS one month old!
And if you are ever in the market for a baby gift... let me tell you about this giraffe!  He has a volume control knob on his back and several buttons to push for different soothing sounds.  There's a cool jungle beat.  A kind of static/white noise/water all combined.  Rainforesty sounds... with birds tweeting.  And it works to help Jayden rest!  I have photos of him asleep next to the giraffe, but, there are already several sleeping baby pics... so... I'll let that one rest...
Just so you don't think that all one month olds do is sleep... they stretch!!  Watch!

I caught some great pictures of the funny faces these one month olds make, too:
Next, bath time!!!
And, saving the best for last... grandma's prize...
Well, it might look like Jayden was the center of attention... but.. in the midst of it all, Shasta and I had a lovely day.  After a visit at her house we ran errands, ate lunch and did laundry at my house!  Chris wonders when she and I will stop being so crazy over this baby... ha ha... he's in for a looong ride!

Blessings to everyone.