Monday, March 21, 2011

Could it be green??

Once upon a time (last week) there was a beginning photographer who was trying to capture a brilliant blue color for a weekly photo entry.  She stealthily followed around her sun conure, who sensed that he was being stalked and would not sit still on his perch (usually the back of a chair).  In any event, the said photographer ended up capturing one terrific shot of green feathers, which turned out to be the theme of another weekly photo event at Home is where you start from.

Meanwhile, a dearly loved grandson was being dressed in his festive St. Patrick's Day clothing and when this excited photographer arrived on the scene, she had her camera in hand!

Upon arriving back home, photographer noticed that her very favorite spring flowers were putting on a show!

The next day found our beloved photographer on a road trip and when she settled in as a guest at her destination and went to look out the door, what did she find?  None other than a great photo op heralding not only the color green, but abstract art as well...(this is the decorative glass in the door window, the green is from the grass outside)

So, beginning photographer visited, ate and slept, and traveled home for a dream filled sleep in which she learned more about lighting and color and began taking better photos...


Janet Rose said...

Your photos are gorgeous! I love the one of the glass reflecting the green grass on the outside! Your grandson is adorable, too. :)

Our Peculiar Lives said...

Great photos! :) I love the feathers, such great detail. Your grandson is a cutie! I just love those crooked smiles!

Hen Jen said...

great photos! I have a thing for birds, I really liked the feathers!
Babies are always the perfect subject:)

I really liked the glass photo, too- beautiful!