Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday... or... maybe just a

favorite photo of the week!  I've been enjoying weekly photo challenges at other blogs and came across another one that is called Foto Friday (I am fairly sure from checking it out over a few weeks, that you can post any day of the week, though!).  For starters there, I will share one of my favorites of the week.  I would just love to share my absolute favorite of the week, but it will be a surprise gift for someone and I cannot make it public just yet... VBG.

Without further ado... my Wordless Wednesday and Foto Friday on Wednesday... lol... I just love this photo.  He's not smiling, but just look at those beautiful lips and cheeks!  And he still makes that delightful "newborn" fist (yeah, I know, he's 7 1/2 weeks... but, still!) Oops, I truly cannot call this a Wordless Wednesday... oh dear.
I DO actually take photos of many other things besides grandbabies... and I have sat and pondered great things to share... however, I've been blogging on the fly lately.  Last night I had a beautiful blog entry formed in my mind as I fell to sleep.  This morning, however, I have no idea what it was even about.  Sigh.  I know I should keep a notebook by my bedside...  Oh! There's a bit of memory coming back... Yep!  I remember now... I was thinking about my testimony and the times from early childhood when I began to love God.  I drifted off to sleep thanking God for those who planted seeds in my heart, fondly remembering tender moments of my conscience.
Here are a few shots that I took, admiring the sunshine this morning:

Ah, very good.  No babies in those shots.  LOL.

May you have a blessed rest of the week.  I am now off to rustle up the savages and get them off to school.  (I love them dearly, really... lol)

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