Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Day with the Baby!

Today I got the loveliest call from my daughter.  She said that she wished she could wake up and start yesterday over.  You see, yesterday I went to visit her at her house and we had a lovely time.  We moved furniture here and there and took turns holding the baby.  He smiles a little now and does his first baby babbling when looking at things!  Here he is enjoying his toy mat:
Shasta mentioned something on the phone about Jayden growing up thinking that his grandma has a black box in front of her face all the time (the camera)... and someone else told me he'll probably think I only have one eye... but, I cannot resist.  I love to hold him... smell him... and never want to let go... but, since I have to let go, I may as well have pictures to look at when he isn't around!!  Here he is in his swing:
So, then I was standing and holding him and he fell asleep in my arms and I was trying to take a picture of what I see when I look down at him in my arms.  I stood there with the camera against my head, my head bent over a little, one-handedly trying to get the shot...
Shasta came downstairs, laughing at me and offered to take the picture for me:
Not too bad, Shasta!
And, without further ado... more baby photos... after all... he IS one month old!
And if you are ever in the market for a baby gift... let me tell you about this giraffe!  He has a volume control knob on his back and several buttons to push for different soothing sounds.  There's a cool jungle beat.  A kind of static/white noise/water all combined.  Rainforesty sounds... with birds tweeting.  And it works to help Jayden rest!  I have photos of him asleep next to the giraffe, but, there are already several sleeping baby pics... so... I'll let that one rest...
Just so you don't think that all one month olds do is sleep... they stretch!!  Watch!

I caught some great pictures of the funny faces these one month olds make, too:
Next, bath time!!!
And, saving the best for last... grandma's prize...
Well, it might look like Jayden was the center of attention... but.. in the midst of it all, Shasta and I had a lovely day.  After a visit at her house we ran errands, ate lunch and did laundry at my house!  Chris wonders when she and I will stop being so crazy over this baby... ha ha... he's in for a looong ride!

Blessings to everyone.

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