Thursday, March 10, 2011

Frodo and the Babe

We love our little dog, Frodo.  He is happy and adorable. 

But, when Jayden was born and came home from the hospital, Frodo was instantly depressed!  Honestly, I hadn't seen anything like it!  The poor little guy must have thought we were replacing him somehow with this new little boy who was close to his equal in size...  He would slump over and avoided eye contact with me!  He would walk with his tail tucked.  It was SO sad!  We tried cheering him up...

 He doesn't look too sad here... he would stay at one end of the couch and when we weren't paying attention, he would literally "dog crawl" along the couch and when he could see the baby closer, he'd stretch out his neck as far as he could to get a better look!  It was SO funny!

Here is a shot of him looking at Jayden who was in his bouncy seat at the time. 

While we didn't get other pictures of it... whenever Jayden was taken out of the car seat or bouncy, Frodo would slowly approach the seats and sniff them and stare at them... trying to figure it all out.  Then we had the first signs of recovery for Frodo.  When company came over, instead of barking because they were in our home, Frodo would prance around, leading them to where the baby was!!  It was so funny.  So, although he started out on the blue side when Jayden was born, his heart was won by this little boy, too!

Now Jayden lives in his own home with his mom and dad and visits a couple times a week... Frodo continues to be the happy, adorable dog that he has always been. 

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