Thursday, June 19, 2014

Do Something

This week I put up two facebook posts expressing thoughts that I just cant shake from my mind.

First one...

"I feel so small. My life is a tiny thing. I wish so much that the world was a better place and that people could thrive and succeed and be happy. I wish that I could make a difference in so many ways... I keep wondering what little things I can do..."

And second post...

"I have been wrestling quite deeply this week with how much pain and suffering people cause to each other... nationally, internationally, in war, etc. Part of my feeling so small comment was because there is so much that is wrong on our planet and I am one person... one person struggling to pay bills and make my way... and wondering how one life can make any difference on a large, planetary level... lol. It's not like I think I should be that important... but, I wonder what I can do. Then I think of Jesus' parables and how important it is to first be trusted with something small. If I can use what little I have each day to pour into others, than I may be trusted with more to use and to give. What do I have to give today? I have a smile. I have gratitude. I can be kind and thoughtful to others. In my driving. As a customer. As a guest in another's home. I may have just a little to offer, but, by golly, if I offer it with my heart, then maybe I will be given more to offer.... So... those are more of my thoughts..."

I figure, since I keep thinking about these things, I may as well begin to make some changes in myself. When I need to run errands with one of my children to here or there, I wont complain or sigh... it is time I have with them, after all. Many times I get frustrated in traffic! People cut in or zoom past your just to get in front of you and slow down, etc. I feel so very aggravated in traffic. Today I decided that was enough... it is time to let that go. My feelings aren't going to change other drivers, so why not smile and wave them on in... I will most likely get where I am going regardless... so why not change my own attitude? What else can I work on? What can I do to make the day brighter for myself and for those who cross my path?

Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Apple

I have three unique daughters... each one with strengths I don't have... each one with similarities to me... and I LOVE the moments with each one when we laugh and carry on and have fun. My oldest daughter looks more like me than her sisters. She was my right hand as I was raising all her younger siblings... she can out-cook me and it was a delight to teach her many of my favorite crafts. Shasta is tough, yet shy. She is determined but doesn't lose sight of loving others.

My youngest daughter doesn't look like me and she is just plain gorgeous. (Not saying that my oldest daughter and I look shabby, but... cut me break here, we're not quite as beautiful as Zoey!) My youngest has taught me more than any of my other children. She is straightforward and honest and what you see is what you get. She teaches me to overcome and to own my choices and their consequences. When I think I cannot do something, I think of Zoey and I have no excuse that can hold up. She inspires me. I miss her every week. We do not get to see each other very often and I love every minute that I am around her.

And then there's Bek. My apple. When they say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree they are talking about us. She doesn't look like me, but we are soooo alike. Our handwriting matches, even though we never set out to have it that way. I don't like to cook and she cannot cook... ha ha ha. Well, she is trying. We pick out the same pens at the store even though we don't live in the same town or ask each other... we just do! We do have our differences, but our similarities crack us up sometimes. When her fiance was getting to know me all of this occurred to him and he said, "I am marrying your mother!" Not literally, of course.

This past week she called and asked me to go to a movie with her. We had a blast.

As she stepped out, I was calling out, "Hurry! Hurry!"


Then I said, "Stop! Take the camera!" She looked confused. So, I explained that we couldn't have pictures of both of us running off together if she didn't take some of me! I passed the camera to her and starting running!

"C'mon! We have to hurry before they find out we've left!"

"We can't let them catch us! We must escape!"

We got to the theater... and splurged on popcorn...

... and soda...

to share...

Then the funniest thing happened... I said... "Selfie time!! Now make a mother-daughter-time face!" And our expressions were nearly identical!

We looked at the picture and burst out laughing and took one more...

And we did all this prior to the movie, so nobody was disturbed... as far as we knew, anyway.

So, here's to my apple.