Friday, August 9, 2013

At San Francisco's Symphony Orchestra

Years ago I had a wonderful tradition. I like when I say that because it makes me seem like a very cool mom who has done something for nearly a decade or so... Truth be told, I did this one thing two years in a row. What an amazing experience, though! So, as I share this let's just pretend that I have actually continued doing this year after year and I my esteem will stay in place, okay?

It started about a decade ago. My daughters and I dressed in our nicest dresses, grabbed our coats and headed into town to watch the Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra. It was nearly Christmas each time we did this, so everyone we saw was in a festive mood. We'd sip on hot chocolate, too. It was a girl's night out, just my daughters and I.

I'll never forget the first time. Rebekah sat to my right and each time a musician came out on stage her eyes widened and her smile went ear to ear. She sat a little taller, too. She would ooh and aaah at their instruments and each one would play a few notes and scales to tune up for the performance. Once in a while she would be so overcome with the sights and sounds of an instrument she would rise up out of her seat. It was more fun watching her observe than keeping an eye on the stage itself. Then the performance began. As pieces of music progressed and the orchestra delivered such beautiful sounds, Rebekah could not contain her joy. And when crescendos would build, there she was, raising up out of her seat. I thought the dear girl would float away in the experience!

Well, I may not have been able to continue that tradition each year over a decade, but it was a wonderful experience that Rebekah never forgot. Just a couple of weeks ago I received a call from her and with great enthusiasm she announced that she was taking me to watch the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra for my birthday. Coffee replaced the hot cocoa and my little girl is now a senior at San Francisco State University, but the sounds of the symphony were just as rewarding to hear!

Here are some pics of the grand event...

We were seated in first level balcony seats! It was so cool!! The entire place was absolutely beautiful.

That was the outside of the building...I didn't really focus on trying to take great photos, I was just having some fun with my girl.

Near the United Nations plaza.

I get distracted taking photos, though... Kind of like having the adhd of photography... Instead of "Oh, look! A squirrel!" It is "Oh! Look! A bright leaf!"

Night time.

Some time I really must visit the city and be in no hurry and take time to think about how to take pictures that will turn out better... but, for now, this was a way to capture a great moment with my daughter.



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