Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fun with my Mom

My mom came for a couple of weeks. We got to go to a favorite cafe for lunch and had lots of laughs. Shopping with her was more than fun! We got separated and there I was, a grown lady, walking down the store aisle calling out, "Momma.... Momma... Momma!" And I'll never forget sitting down to play cards and when it got too fun to describe, laughing until we cried. We ate out at Jack London Square. This great lady helped me garden and weed and rake, she helped drive my children around, and she folded mountains of laundry... I'll love the memory of her just sitting next to me, arm in arm, enjoying each other's company most of all and now as I glance out my kitchen window, I miss seeing her sit on my porch. May God bless and keep you, dear mom.

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