Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Victor!

Sniff... Sniff... My baby is growing up. Just this week I noticed his last "little boy" shirt is getting too small. You know, the blue and yellow striped "little boy" shirts that go with matching shorts... it's his last "little boy" look and it is leaving us. Now I am left with a fun, camoflauge wearing guy. And this morning I handed him his clothes and started to take his jammie shirt off of him and what does he do? He grabs his clothes and leaves me standing there willing to help as he calls out, "I don't need help anymore." And guess what else?? He used to turn and wave and sign "I love you" EVERY day when I dropped him off at school. Now, he gets out of the car and happily runs off. Sometimes he says, "Bye, mom!" Sniff... Sniff.

Actually, it's pretty great to see. Yesterday Victor announced that reading is his favorite subject now. He still adores little toys - the hand held figures - whether they are animals, dinosaurs, or recently Pokemon (I was not going to have any children like Pokemon, but the school has used them as incentives and Victor has done really well earning them... sigh!).

Happy Birthday, my not so little boy!

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