Monday, March 29, 2010


When my girls were younger, we enjoyed a winter tradition (all two years of the tradition, ha ha). We'd get dressed up a bit, put on our winter coats and head out for hot cocoa and take in the Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra. My girls had a bit of musical instruction. Two of them played piano and we all enjoyed learning about instruments and listening to music. We took our seats and eagerly waited. One by one, occasionally two by two, the musicians came out on stage and found their seats. They would hold their instruments, play a note or two and check the tuning. What was even better to watch, though, was Rebekah. As each musician came out and held up his or her instrument, Rebekah's eyes would brighten. She'd move forward in her seat, eyes filled with wonder and listen for the sound that came out of each new instrument. She was a big fan of the strings, but, then again, she hadn't been exposed to French horns and trombones, yet! All sorts of sounds were now coming from the stage. Then there was the hush. Rebekah looked at me, wondering, then settled back in her seat. Each arrangement played that night was a delight to her. As the sounds would build and songs would climax, she'd raise up higher in her seat, until she was practically standing in awe of it all.

Sometimes worship services at church are like that for me... especially when some of my favorite songs are in the line up. There are the distractions of life, but we gather together and begin to sing. And before I know it, I am filled with joy. Our voices sing out and proclaim

"Lift up your heads, open the doors. Let the King of glory come in and forever be our God."

And the words! To sing out to God! To just try to imagine the King of glory! If I weren't already standing with the choir, I'd have been just like Rebekah... filled with awe, unable to sit!


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Shasta was there too!!! lol

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Shasta was there too!!! lol
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