Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I was not raised with a green thumb.  I'm quite sure that any houseplant I was given prior to 2007 was doomed and died.  I liked them just fine.  I just had no idea how to take care of plants. 

Scott was raised by the Green Thumb Queen Katie.  To visit her home is a visual treat.  Her flower beds are lovely, the roses climbing her brick exterior fireplace are gorgeous.  Multiple large flower pots boast the prettiest plants and blooms.  Ivy surrounds her front porch and her back porch has a back wall of jasmine, which intersects and combines with grapes that cover the porch roof. 

Katie has been a patient donor.  The purple daisy-like flowers were so thoughtful.  I wish they had survived being planted out front.  My pink azalea did not make it through last summer.  This year's purple azalea is faring much better!  My irises are more than surviving and seem quite healthy... I need to learn how to thin them out, actually!  I am proud to say that my wedding ivy has taken off!  It might even surround my front window someday.  And the miniature red roses that Katie brought to me shortly after I moved here are thriving.  The hydrangeas are most impressive! 

Potted purple azaleas... they wont bloom until next year.

Pretty pink hydrangeas. 

My ruffled mauve roses have been going crazy with multiple blooms!

And this brings me to my post title... thorns. 

Now, I enjoy an object lesson.  And irony can bring a smile to my face. 

There I was.  Free time had found me and I was out clipping and pruning in the flower beds.  Along the side of the house are my 3 rose bushes.  I used to be very intimidated by them.  But, I have found my plant caring confidence this year and I was out there working.  And thinking.  I am always thinking about life and lessons and looking for areas to work on.  This is an annoying part of who I am when I want to sleep at night... but that is another topic.  So, there I was, thinking about the thorns on these rose bushes.  Working very carefully to avoid having my skin punctured and scratched up by thorns, I clipped.  I didn't completely avoid the run-in with the ever evil thorn.  I stepped back, marveling at how sharp those buggers are!!  They are really, really sharp.  Then, of course, I couldn't think of sharp thorns without thinking about my Jesus.  Gazing at those thorns, I thought of how awful it would feel to have a crown of them shoved down on top of my head!!  As I mentioned, I like an object lesson well enough... and irony has it's place in life, but... really??  Just after I consider thorns piercing my brow, (and quite deeply in thought, I must say...) I turn and bend down to pull a few weeds and OUCH!  I bent right into a branch with a thorn at just the right place to stick me in the forehead!!!  Like I said... I was deep in thought and all... and I laughed at the irony of my thoughts and life events.


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Ron said...

Terri learned about the "honey locust" tree yesterday at the botanical garden. They have thorns on them. 4-5 inch thorns! She learned that they developed those thorns to protect them from the mastodons. I hear the "pods" on the tree were a favorite of the mastodon. Now, years after the last mastodon gouged his eye out on a thorn trying to have a treat, the "honey locust" is still prepared for a mastodon revival.