Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekends were made for this!!

I spent many, many years living far, far away from family. I knew several years back that one of the best things about moving closer to family would be weekends like this! My niece and her family arrived Friday mid-day. I am thankful that we have a trailer for them to feel comfy in... spent a bit of time freshening it up, washing bedding and pillows... and it was rewarding to hear them say, "Neat! We need a trailer!" and "Oh, cool! I get the top bunk!"

The young boys?? Wow! How I love their little childish voices!!! I just want to hug and squeeze and kiss them! Shasta, Chris and Jayden spent a lot of time over here with all of us because we are all family, you know! It was great. Family. I pause and let the feeling sink in and ponder what that means to me. It means acceptance... kindness... love... forgiveness... patience... and safety. Because the world is a tough place. The world is about competition and survival, but when you get "home" you arrive at a place where you are safe... you walk through the door and know that you can take in a deep breath and let it out and just be you...

Here are some of the scenes from around here:

Hope you are all having wonderful weekends! Blessings,

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