Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Nursery is Done!

When Shasta was pregnant and bored I picked up letters for her to paint and decorate for the nursery. We knew she was having a boy, so we picked up letters for "Jayden". I thought she might have fun doing this over the course of one week. She called me the next night, excited as can be, "I'm done! His name looks so cute! It turned out great!" And I said that I could not buy her a craft activity per day to keep away the boredom!!!

Shasta had her eye on giraffes for the baby, so we went with a jungle theme way back then.

Since he's been born we've brought on more monkeys than giraffes...

Jayden loves walking around his room with the ride on/stand up and push toy. He does stand all alone for long periods of time and has taken a couple of steps a few times, but, not real steady and that's okay because, well, he's only turning 9 months old! He should still be a baby!

I really enjoyed making the curtains for the room. The sewing instructions were not my favorite... it was a Butterick nursery pattern and I had to read the instructions over and over. But, you know what the problem was? Have you ever just known how to do something and tried to tell someone and break it down into simple steps? The curtains were totally easy to make. I could make them any time for any window now. It's just that writing down what you do gets complicated! I think I could have written easier instructions. Let me point out that the bottom has a small opening and a dowel rod slides in to hold the rectangular shape and you roll up the curtain towards the window to the length you want the curtain to hang down and then tie the ribbons. The dowel does a fantastic job! I do want to do another couple of things for the room... Most of the wall and decorative items came from Target's dollar section, so this was not an expensive nursery. While it's not on the level of "celebrity baby" nurseries and wasn't costly, I am SO excited for Jayden's room.

Now I am off to start my month of November... it's going to be quite a month!