Monday, February 6, 2012

And he turned ONE!

*** Alert *** This post is entirely about Jayden's first birthday. So, If a wee one's first birthday does not interest you in the least, there you go! *** End of Alert ***

It was a football themed birthday, since his big day fell on Superbowl Sunday.

There were several lovely guests of the celebration:

Birthday Boy:

Sweet little Chloe:

Sonia, my daughter-in-law and Tara, girlfriend of Corey:

Sonia, with Zoey:


The birthday boy's dad... lol... Chris!

Chris's mom, Heidi and her parents, great-grandparents to Jayden:

Now, prior to this day, if Jayden procured a stick, he whacked at anything he could...
And so, of course when we give him the stick to hit his pinata, he would not...

He tried his jedi powers...

Christopher got the job done!

And Chloe enjoyed a lolly!

He didn't really eat the cupcake... just played with it...
And after clean-up, sharing gifts!

He took it all in quite seriously...

Sonia found the most perfect shirt for him!!
I'm honored... really...

Then it was game time... so, on went the football faces! Yes, I have it on, too... You have to have fun and live life, you know?

I have hopes of putting together a slide show to a favorite lullaby for his first year in review... and will take just a moment to get all sentimental-gooshy... I knew I would love my grandson. I had no idea just how much he would capture my heart, though. It's really a most amazing thing to be a grandma. For the past year Chris has wondered when Shasta and I would stop being so crazy over him. He has now come to the realization that we will never stop.

When Christopher calls me "Betty-Grandma" it's just so sweet. When he shares little things with me, some funny, some serious, it is remarkable to know that I am sharing part of his life with him and will add to who he is as a person. Today he told me, "Betty-Grandma, sometimes people just don't understand." I agree. He said it three times today. It's a joy to spend time with him. And last week I stopped by Christopher and Chloe's house for a bit and Chloe heard my voice and came running, arms open wide to me. There are no words for what you feel in your heart in moments like those! She was so happy to see me and to babble, pointing at all the things around her home. Then she snuggled down on me, falling fast asleep.

Yes, being a grandmother is a most wonderful part of life.


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