Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Give me a "B"! Give me an "E"! Give me a "K"! Yes, that spells BEK!!!

The sweet girl is my apple off the tree. I love it that without even knowing it, we find out that we pick the same things... we make some of the same choices... For example, I am taking a class right now and I have to take quizzes in pencil, correct in ink that is not black and I also have a red ink pen. I recently ran out of dark purple ink and I didn't want to have to keep trying to find a pencil, so I bought a few more. While Bek was here, I pulled them out and said told her about having to take quizzes in pencil, etc. and she starts laughing because she takes quizzes in pencil and corrects with dark purple in and keeps a red ink pen, too. I know it seems silly or coincidental. Goodness, there are probably many of you pencil, purple ink users out there who also keep red pens... and maybe you roll your eyes. But, for Bek and me, we look at each other and laugh because it's just one more thing we do the same when we don't even try! Now if she can start cooking like me.... lol.

More important than pen and pencil choices, though, is the heart of the matter. Bek loves so deeply. She understands the big picture. She works behind scenes to bless others without personal notice. The greatest thing for a mom who loves God is to hear from her child that they, too, love God. To have Bek begin to share her personal prayers and working through her faith gives me more to hold before God in my own prayers.

I knew my daughter needed some personal attention and fireworks for her birthday. So, after Jayden's birthday, we headed home for her birthday party. Scott and Nick spent time grilling ribs, which were accompanied by asparagus and salad. I don't have pictures of the most fun part... the games Bek and I picked out for the evening! Sometimes I drop the ball as the photographer, but I was having fun with everyone, not taking pictures!

So, we put an identity on each person's back and asked everyone to give clues so that we could each guess who we are... When we found out who we were, we then had to act that role throughout dinner. It was funny. I could not help but give Nick the identity of Johnny Depp. Clayton was Blake Shelton. Scott was John Wayne. Cody was the Crocodile Hunter. Lily was Hannah Montana. Bek and I were Mary Kate and Ashley Olson, which was funny because neither of us care about make-up or fashion... but, we knew how to pretend to be twins!! Scott made the very best John Wayne!!!! Then, at dinner, we were each given a card with two statements to make during dinner conversation... as often as we could in the normal course of conversation.

So... it went something like this:

Can I have some more?
Warning! Warning!
Has anyone seen my lip gloss?
My meatball rolled under the door!
And that's when I lost my button...
This is a test!
But, that doesn't explain the french fries in my shoes...

Anyway, there were a lot of laughs... just no photos!

By the way, have you ever seen Johnny Depp in goofy glasses??

It was fun to bless Bek with goodies... she appreciates every little thing and nothing goes for granted...

First, belated Christmas gifts from her Grandma Cathy and Great Grandma Lyn:

I knew that she would like pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate to stash away and pull out for a fun treat!

She loved her fuzzy, plush robe...

We'd picked out a fitted, smart looking "jacket" for her... She is always out and about and it's often in slightly chilly weather. She has to do a lot of footwork reporting this semester... She loved the smart jacket!!!

I love the tilt of her head, here. She's so dear to me. Like her momma, she isn't in a lot of pictures. Because she's busy taking care of something or someone. I love her so much.

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Savannah McQueen said...

Love this post...your love for your children is so apparent in this.