Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Project Garden 2012

Most years spring hits and warm days follow, one after the other. We all work together and get a garden planted. Weeks later we are overrun with zucchini and squash and can hardly wait to munch on cherry tomatoes.

This year I woke up on a Saturday morning and had been bit by some such gardening bug. This was quite an unusual experience for us. I simply could not help myself. I was the one getting to the store to buy seeds and plants and deciding which vegetables to branch out into. Perhaps I had a nightmare dream that zucchini were overtaking my counterspace once again...

In any event, I pushed the boys this year.

Rototiller in place? Check

Plants and seeds purchased? Check!!

Meanwhile, as the rototilling and fertilizing commenced, I took note of the trees and bushes around the back yard, while the dogs ran for cover (the rototiller makes a lot of noise, you know...)
Baloo... happy to be noticed, yet ready to slip into the house at any opportunity:

Frodo... seeking protection from the lilac bush:

Speaking of the lilac bush, here is one of the first baby blooms!

Our nectarine tree is beginning to say good-bye to it's flowers and hello to it's leaves, but there's still plenty of pink:

And our rosemary busy was covered in flowers:

After diagramming the seeds and rows (see, I tell you I must have been bitten by some bug because this is NOT me!) with lovely brown rows of mounds calling out for seeds and plants, I took to planting.

We've got asparagus, artichoke, melon... ummm (I'm not looking in my diagram, so I am doing this by memory)... tomato, purple stuff, zucchini, acorn squash, butternut squash... oh, yeah, peas and Asian snow peas (Scott will build me a trellis for them)... shoot! What is that purple vegatable?? Oh, yeah, eggplant. That's it. And there's some chives and jalapenos out there, too.

What I like about gardening is heading out on a warm day to weed. It's busy work that actually lasts more than 5 minutes. Not like laundry and cooking and cleaning. You can also let your mind wander or focus in on dirt and plants... whatever you need to do...

We had a visit that evening from our grandson (his parents came along, too). So, what do you think? Future gardener??
Upon closer observation, looks like future RCM (remote control master) and CP (couch potato). However, I've got this boy's number... he prefers to be outside or playing quite actively... he's a fun one!

And though it might not seem thrilling to look at dirt... here's a shot of our future corn patch:

Corn requires extensive watering here because of our summer heat. Our well usually has 4-5 feet of water in it, but there is barely an inch this spring. We really need some rain. It happens to be sprinkling this morning. I hope we get a lot more, though.

So, while I haven't been posting very often lately, that is part of life around here lately... More updates to come...


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