Monday, April 2, 2012

April - New Beginnings!! New Happiness Project Resolution

New Beginnings. We all need them. Each day we have one. It's what I love about a "new year". I'm celebrating this year's "Happy New Year" twice... and this month is that second celebration.

I thought a lot about the basics again lately: using my calendar and planner, keeping notes jotted down so I don't forget things, setting daily goals and following up in the evening and getting to bed on time (that's so difficult for me!). Yes, I focused on these things in January. I still need to keep at it. I desperately need to keep praying and drawing close to God as well. I have a personal cd player and a new worship cd... think I'll put that to use!

April – Energy/Health: Sleep habit... vitamins... exercise... reduce stress...

That is what I had pre-planned for this month and it's awesome!!! That's just what I want to work on! Last month I picked up a couple of new exercise dvd's and my daughter found my 30 Day Shred and gave it back to me! I have been doing pilates once or twice a week, which I love because I can do it barefooted. So, I will work on exercising 4 days a week (cardio) and doing pilates 3 days a week. Oh, I also find pilates to be relaxing! The dvd I have has a scene that looks similar to the Grand Canyon and the music is soothing. Add bare feet to that and it sure beats cardio! But, I have to do some cardio, too.

I am going to focus on drinking more water daily and finding a liquid form of some of the vitamins/supplements that I'd like to take. I hate the idea of taking vitamins in pill form because if they don't break down and dissolve, they are not doing any good...

I will try to get to sleep closer to 9 each evening, but no promises. Sometimes I just am not tired at that time and then I feel stressed that I am not asleep. It has been working to use a small clip on book light and curl up in bed to read... I get sleepy! That reminds me of 12th grade and our AP English assignment to read The Odyssey. Put me to sleep all hours of the day!! Maybe I should get another copy. Nah. I know the story line better and I'd get too interested and involved... Sigh.

Anyway, I could sit here pondering how to write out flowery words and descriptions and come up with some profound statement to make, but then I'd never be able to get up and get to my "to-do" and I'd get bored. So, you are stuck with uninspired ramblings today! But, I've put in a lot of exclamation marks to keep it interesting. Did it help??

Okay, friends, those of you who are working on some Happiness Resolutions need to contact me and share how you are doing!!!! What is something that you can work on to increase your happiness level this month?

Blessings! Will write more soon to catch you all up on what's been going on...

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