Monday, April 9, 2012

I love my peeps!!

That's code for my family... And while I search for connected thoughts to flow and inspire, random ramblings come to mind instead. Oh, well. It's been a fabulous Easter weekend!!!

Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine!
Oh, what a foretaste of glory divine!
Heir of salvation, purchase of God,
Born of His Spirit, washed in His blood.

As holidays approach (regardless which one), my mind sorts through options, needs, desires and hopes. I rarely enjoy planning because I start to second guess.... "Should I get that game to play?" "Will they like the food?" "What if they get bored?" Then they arrive... different times from different places... the house fills up... at 11pm I start to hush groups of them. And the most important thing is not the food... not the games... it's looking into each of their eyes... sharing a quick side trip to the store, one on one to connect... pulling another one aside to hug and chat with... and so it goes... on and on because there are so many of us! Yesterday, late afternoon it hit me. "Tomorrow at this time, " I thought, "most of them will be gone and it will be quieter again." Each time that happens, I sort through the pictures, giggling at funny memories, gazing at their faces on the screen, thankful to be their mom. Thankful that God above sees all of us down here, watches us gather, laugh and have fun and pours out His love into our lives. And I pray that every child grows to know God and accept Jesus' sacrifice for their salvation and eternity with our Father.

Here are lots of highlights from the weekend!!!

In preparation... I handed Shasta some bags and ribbon and asked if she'd divide out some treats into them, then I put a shirt or two into each bag.

I had to laugh at Shasta's bag:
She likes sweets!

The two oldest boys who were here... Stephen, on the left turned 19!

Here they are... almost all the kiddos... And this is all natural... Zoey smacking Victor on top of the head... the classic Stephen-look-of-impatience... ha ha!

And the "nicer" shot:

"Let the wild rumpus begin!"

This shot is so funny, because Jayden doesn't often get tired. He's all "go". And he wasn't pouting, his egg hunt was just momentarily interrupted to rub his lil eyes.

I interrupt the weekend review to bring to you a favorite shirt purchase that I made...

And I share that Nathaniel, my computer geek, serviced my computer while he was here! Thanks, Nate!!

Stephen and I shared a moment...

And then, the funniest thing... A few years ago Bek played a practical joke on Stephen. She began texting him from a number of which he did not know and was pretending to be a girl interested in getting to know him... Then she sent him a picture of herself, which was not "her" but which was someone who was not very attractive. Suddenly, Stephen let the girl know that he had just began dating someone and stopped texting her. Then Bek told Stephen that it was really her, teasing him incessantly. So, for his birthday, unknown to Stephen, Bek had this photo from that joke put in a small frame with heart stickers on it. Now, Stephen had forgotten about that mean joke (who could blame him!) and when he opened the gift bag, he laughed and laughed. We all did. And Bek had a fabulous time teasing him, again. ***Just so you know, we do not know who the person is that Bek found a photo of and I apologize if Bek's joke offends anyone. Teens do the darnedest things and if this is the worst they do, I will sigh in relief.***

Shasta helped with the cooking (an amazing, much appreciated blessing of having her for a daughter!):

Stephen shared his ipad with Jayden...

It was a beautiful day!

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