Thursday, September 13, 2012

Summer Review, Part 1

Well, hello there!

Quite obvious is that I have not been writing on my blog for the past few months. So much has taken place and although I have had the time, I haven't wanted to write about life. As I sit searching for some profound, deep reason why, nothing really great comes to mind. Some seasons in life you just keep tucked deep in your heart... kind of like catching that one really magnificent photo of your newborn grandchild and you don't want to publish it online because it just feels too incredible to share... as if no one can treasure it quite like you can...

Anyway, summer came and went and there were a lot of great things experienced, so I figure a photo recap with notes along the way will suffice.

Let's start with the garden... I took control of the garden early on and enjoyed it's great benefits and blessings to the table. However, as usual for me, by the end of summer I just didn't want to spend any more time there and have ignored it for a few weeks.

Oh, the jalapenos!! I found an incredible recipe for homemade poppers and made them several times this summer, particularly when I had company over. I also cooked down a whole lot of tomatoes for home made tomato paste so that when I am feelin' it I can made home made ketchup and stuff like that...

I also made home grown pico de gallo!

We grew a patch of corn that fed us a few nights...

We had quite a sunflower explosion behind the garden. We like the large ones that we can get seeds from for Starburst (our sun conure).

Sleepovers with grandchildren happen any season of the year... but I really liked the summer sleepovers! Particularly because we could slip over to the park, play with the hose and water the garden or just play with water toys and not be concerned one little bit about getting cold. We just had to stay hydrated is all... Here are fun favorite shots of the grandchildren:

I particularly like this shot that I took. When you are a parent the first time around, as much as you love them and enjoy them you don't fully comprehend how much you will want a moment like this back once more... So, one day I just snuggled Jayden, who is far too busy to be snuggled nowadays... And I breathed in deeply and cherished each little heartbeat with him.

Well, those were several shots from summer, with very little journaling by me... I will add in a summer part two post with shots from a couple of visits by Rebekah, Cody's first fishing tournament and fun family time... Perhaps I'll find my writing voice by the time I add in the rest of the summer shots.


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Karla Marie said...

Precious. And I sooooo understand that protective feeling you're talking about. If you could just be sure it would to even one person as deeply as it touches you, MAYBE you'd be willing to share it......but then it's just TOO PRECIOUS to you to risk it. <3
Thanks for sharing. I miss you. I get it. ;)