Wednesday, May 12, 2010

From 20-20 to Tri-focals in 2 years

I knew that my eyesight was changing.  No longer was the fine print on the Tylenol bottle readable.  Once I got it into focus by taking it further away from me, it could not be read.  It was also getting more difficult to thread the needle on the sewing machine.  So, into the eyedoctor's office I went.  And he smiled and said, "You have 20-20 vision!  Your eyes see perfectly!"  He went into some explanation about aging.  Mmm-hmmm. 

The fine print stayed unreadable.  It took several attempts to thread a needle.  I went into the drug store and purchased magnifying eyeglasses because I really wanted to see more.  But, when I wore them and looked up around the room, the rest of life was blurry.

So, back into the office I went and had another exam.  Several times I was trying so hard to focus that it seemed still objects were moving!  This time the Dr. said, "Wow.  Your long distance vision is a little off.  Your medium range vision is even more off.  You must not be able to see much close up."  Finally.  He was getting it!  He gave me another talk about aging, ordered tri-focals and out into the lobby I went... to pick out frames. 


I am now happily wearing my eyeglasses.

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