Monday, January 30, 2012

January Happiness Wrap-up!


Ever wonder what life has in store for you? Sometimes I find myself teetering on that question... Sometimes life is predictable... other times we are in awe at how it can suddenly change. I look at 2012 with anticipation... goals and dreams right in front of me... I want to live this year full of happiness, come what may.

So, how did January go?

I asked myself that last night and of course it happened to be a difficult day. So, for the record, yesterday I was not at all happier. However, I am glad to learn the lessons of the day... Gretchen talks about how when we have habits in our lives that do increase our overall happiness, it's easier to get through the hard parts of life. I knew that the last week of the month would be challenging... I know February will have some challenges that I will not like at all... So, I get to put it to the test. I will focus on my daily habits.

Then, there's my daughter's voice I hear calling out, “Happiness is a choice, mom. You can choose to be happy.” Oh, yes. It's seems so easy when we tell that to someone else, huh? On difficult days, you may actually feel like smacking the next person who crosses your path spouting off some quote on how to be happy! But, bless her heart, we spent the day together and she didn't once instruct me on how to be happy, she just let me be...

Which also reminds me of a counselors words... to let yourself experience the down times, but stay aware. Stay conscious of being sad... or disappointed... Acknowledge those things and then give yourself a time limit. Maybe you need a half hour to just sit with your feelings and do nothing. Fine. Take your half hour, then do something! I gave myself yesterday. I spent some time being creative (crocheting). I shopped a little. I played with my grandson. I didn't consult to do lists or calendars. I just was. Then I really enjoyed my small purchase of a clip on book light and got all comfy reading in bed.

So, back to reviewing January. I looked up an online article about time management and was quite pleased that I was already doing most of what was suggested. What was really cool, though, was seeing my personal resolutions in print by someone else! Several years ago I read a great time management book that encouraged readers to have a planning session in the morning and a review in the evening, so that basic concept was not necessarily my own. I can attest to the fact that it does make a difference! My happiness goal was to begin and each day paying attention to my calendar and make plans, prioritizing what the day's schedule would be. That would bring an increase in overall happiness because I would not be missing appointments and would remember to make necessary phone calls. Check. Done. I really like this habit and that it serves me. Most days there were some items not checked off because I tend to put too much on my plate... But, I was pleased with what did happen.
I will continue to have my beginning and end of day sessions.

The other thing that I wanted to make a habit of was keeping a notepad and pen with me. I really enjoyed the benefit of having several new pens in my purse and when I happened to be out and about and suddenly thought of something that I didn't want to forget, I'd jot it down!

I've also worked on some of my personal commandments:

*Be kind to everyone.
*Do what has to be done.
*It's not your job to make others happy.
*Be who God created you to be.
*Pause and enjoy!
*Write it down.
*Pray, Pray, Pray.

I tried to keep aware of “Pause and enjoy” since I see life through a “to-do” lens. Even taking just a moment to look around and visually take in my surroundings and appreciate the moment brings bits of happiness. I think it will help reduce stress, too!

Being kind to everyone... that should be a personal motto for me. Not because I am unkind, but because when I get stressed, I tend to let go of a higher level of “manners”, so to speak. It means that even if I don't feel good, I try to not snap at the boys... or Zoey.

Now I am getting excited for February's happiness resolution: worship! More on that when February begins!

Oh, and my “room of focus” in January was my bedroom... but I stalled because there are some things in there that should be stored in the garage and I couldn't make that happen because the garage needs attention first. That said, I did organize my drawers and closet... and I really, really was going to dust with polish, but I lost the can of spray! Honestly.

Now, to enjoy the last bit of January and say good-bye to a month I've truly enjoyed. Then it's on to February, which I am certain will prove a most happy month... when we say Happy Birthday to this little guy for the first time:





Anonymous said...

This little guys birthday?! Why not my birthday?! What happened to my birthday?! Why don't I get a pic saying it's gonna be my 20th birthday?!!! Lol

Betty Marie said...

You very silly daughter of mine... I will give a very special post here celebrating your 20th! See you soon!