Sunday, January 22, 2012

Life's side trips...

Last week I was able to slip down for a visit with my dad.

dad's 020

It was a treat to simply hang out, relax and step out of my daily routine.

When I visit my dad's I like to slowly walk from room to room, gazing at "things" that have precious memories attached to them. All sorts of childhood memories surface. I stop and appreciate that my dad cared about me and I am thankful once more for the relationship that I have with him. Here are a few "things" with memories:

This is his dresser... it reminds me that he loved woodwork and trains... and I let my mind wander to when we took my dad to the Sacramento train museum a couple of years ago.

Next is a lamp that my dad's dad made. He like working with wood, too! This lamp was made for my dad when I was about 10 years old. As a little girl, I would sit close and look through the windows at the inside cabinets and countertops... there were tiny tools inside!! Then my mind wanders to the home I lived in at that time and on go the memories...

Next is a fairy... she sits in a houseplant. Several years ago I flew down from Alaska to spend about a week with my parents. It was a beautiful reprieve from a hectic life of homeschooling 7. Towards the end of my stay, I found this fairy near the checkstand at a local market. I bought one for my lovely stepmom and one for me. Unfortunately, mine did not make the move from Alaska to California. But, I always look for the plant fairy when I visit.

Each time I visit my dad's home, he tells the story of my firstborn, Shasta and the time she came to visit when she was about 3. She would go up to this porcelain dog, pet it and one time she called out, "Ouch!" My dad asked her what the matter was and she cried out, "Clancy bit me!" Dad has never been able to pass Clancy on to anyone else... he loves to remember...

Well, we laughed and shared stories and ate and even dozed off a few times. I cannot share a photo of me doing the same because... well... I am the photographer and I could not take a picture of myself while asleep!

Finally, my dad and his dog, Fritz.

I had an uneventful trip home... I scanned the horizon often, looking for opportunities to take a picture, but... well... have you ever driven from the Grapevine up the state of California?? If you have, you know why I don't really have a photo of anything. At least at this time of year... And, I fell asleep a couple of times and I already mentioned that I don't take pictures while I am sleeping.

Now all is peaceful back at home... we have a cold, windy winter day with scattered showers... the guys are away, hoping to take in the football game... and us girls are rather quiet. It's nice.


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