Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Toddler Drama (So cute!)

What's this? Chloe is snuggled in for a nap?

I, Jayden Almighty am here to save you! I will teach you how to get out of naps! (He's a pro.)

First off... away with Lovey Bear! You shall not have Lovey Bear!

Did you see that, Grandma? He just took my Lovey Bear!

Next, I, Jayden Almighty, shall entertain you by giving Lovey Bear a shoulder ride!

Thanks, Grandma... I'll hug Fuzzy Wuzzy instead...

Oh, no you don't!

That's it! I've had it!! Enough with this nap!!!

See? Jayden Almighty has saved the day! Now, we shall play!

Uh-oh. Grandma stuck me in my chair with a bottle and a blankie... this could be tough...

Yeah... she did it to me, too...

Hooray! Nap time is over!! Time for front yard play!!!

I will protect you, Chloe! NO one will get past me!

I mean it... don't come any closer!

Go Team Jayden!

She believes in me!

... uh... what's the deal with these sticks, anyway?