Sunday, May 25, 2014

"... no bad thing to celebrate a simple life" -LOTR

It does not seem like four years ago that Rebekah graduated from high school and I drove her to San Francisco State University. We sat on a side road, looking onto the campus, had a heart to heart. We walked all around, taking pictures of scenic little places on campus. She began. She stuck to it. It was very hard at times. She did it!

It was a privilege to join her on campus a handful of times over the years... and it's bittersweet that today we met there and when we left she was an alumni. But, I have gotten ahead of myself!

Rebekah chose a smaller graduation ceremony which was scheduled on a Sunday, so we chose to have her party on Saturday. It was so exciting for me to plan and leading up to it I kept envisioning the scene in Where the Wild Things Are where Max called out, "And now... let the wild rumpus start!"

Shasta and Chris brought balloons!

I made cupcakes...

Stephen grilled...
(My man-child is so handsome!)

Rebekah was determined to get all the mileage she could out of her graduation hat!

Rebekah has been living with Nick's family for all of her college years. They have been very supportive!

Nick and I had let her down easy, sharing that I would be able to give her a crocheted bag as a gift...

She had no idea that she would also get a leather satchel...

... not only did she get a feminine leather satchel... but she also got a second leather one with larger space and pockets galore, quite durable!

Her best college buddy, Alyssa, was able to join us!

Nick's mom, Lori, presented her with a trip!

Jayden joined in as if her were one of us grown-ups... He needs a cousin... lol.

Michael led us in a hilariously fun game after dinner. Here he is with my sweet little Frodo.

Jayden found all the dirt to be had, so after a bubble bath from Grandma, he was slipped into one of my tanks and put to sleep on my bed...

Shasta and Chris took him home later and when he woke up he went to his mom and said, "This is NOT the kind of shirt that a baby sleeps in!" Oh, my, he keeps me laughing, just like Victor always has done.

Up next... Rebekah's graduation!

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