Thursday, May 22, 2014

Shasta's Tribute

Several weeks ago each of us began to talk about ideas we had for Nathan's birthday. Shasta's tribute began a couple of years ago, though. I will take momma liberties to share what I have watched her accomplish, which led up to this amazing tribute to her brother.

Motherhood was a delight. Shasta and I had such a fun time playing with Jayden those first couple of years! However, the struggle of weight gain and bouts of postpartum depression were part of Shasta's life. But the day came when she decided to take her health and fitness into her hands and dedicate herself to making changes... with no excuses. She and her best friend signed agreements with each other to exercise every day.

Shasta and her best friend:

Then one change led to the next. One decision led to the next. She never stopped. Not only has she lost about 80 pounds, but she increased her physical strength and as that happened, her confidence took flight. Since she shares her story best, I will leave the introduction at that...

I first heard about Shasta's plan when I asked if she would like to join the boys and I at the pier on Nathan's birthday. Nope. There was a half marathon in Capitola the weekend following his birthday and she planned on running that 13.1 miles, dedicated to him. So, as brothers and sisters and I planned our day at the pier, Shasta began baking cupcakes. What? How does that fit in here? Well, let me tell you. She didn't have the money to enter the race. So, she began baking endless batches of homemade cupcakes and selling them to pay the entry fee!

The night before...

Sisters, sharing the experience...

Running the last bit of the race! She is wearing Nathan's hat.

Just after the finish line!

It is so exciting to see her place so well in this!!

This is her beautiful medal. The lanyard has sea turtles on it!! It couldn't be more perfect.

More sister time:

Jayden was a great cheerleader for it all!

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Karla Marie said...

LOVE! :) Way to go, Shasta! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!