Friday, April 8, 2011

It's a Boy! (Newly sized photos... sorry!)

I was SO excited to have a baby boy! Eighteen years ago!
When I first thought of having children, I wanted three boys in a row. I also thought, if I had to have all of one "kind" of baby, I'd pick boys. God in Heaven always knows best and He did one great job creating me a couple of daughters first. While they were just babes I had an ultrasound and the doctor said, "I think this one is a boy! I am fairly sure I see ****** in there. But, don't get upset with me if it's a girl." I wouldn't let myself totally believe it was a little boy, but I sure hoped and hoped!

The night before he was born, I had contractions every 10-20 minutes, non-stop. They woke me up frequently. About 5am I decided to bathe and get ready for my day. By 8am I told Stephen's dad not to go to work, that I thought I was in labor. By that time contractions were consistently 5-6 minutes apart. We loaded up our two little girls and went to the hospital and contractions were 4 minutes apart. When the Dr. checked me, I was not quite 4 cm and they didn't want to keep me! But, then, the monitored showed the baby's heartbeat drop significantly during a contraction, so they changed their mind. While I settled in my room to continue laboring, the girls were taken to a sitter's home. Labor progressed quickly! Oh, my did it ever! Stephen's dad decided since the girl's labor had taken so long, he could stop and do the banking before coming back to the hospital. In the meantime, I was doing the best job ever of relaxing and praying through each contraction. The midwife came in, quite concerned about baby's heartbeat. She ordered preparations for a water infusion to take pressure off of sweet little baby. Then she ordered me up on my knees. Now, I was in the middle of a whopper of a contraction in "transition" and wanted to wait until it went down a bit and the midwife yelled, "Now!" So, I practically screamed as I rolled over and got up on hands and knees. The baby was not handling the labor. The room was preparing for a water infusion and the Dr. checked me and said, "Never mind, the baby's coming now!" So, I got off my hands and knees and prepared to push. Baby's dad was still not back. As my sweet little boy was born, the cord was unwrapped from around his neck (twice). He was as blue as baby blue could be. The Dr. wrapped him and watched him and he progressed well, then was handed to me. Then baby's dad came through the door. I am so very thankful that my son didn't sustain more trauma when he experienced lack of oxygen. I've met other moms whose babies weren't so fortunate. Thank you, dear Heavenly Father, for giving my son life and breath and health.

Over the years, I did a lot of scrapbooking and photo journaling. It was easy this morning to get the first 10 years of Stephen's life... then, it became much more difficult, because from them on, my pictures aren't so much in order...

So, I give you the first ten years!!


One year:

Two Years:









And that's all I have for the moment... But, just look at those sweet smiles... the thoughtful eyes. Stephen is one very special person. He is kind, caring and would never (usually) think of hurting anyone. I am very proud of him. I know from the son he has been to me, that one lady out there will be blessed someday.

Will post a part two sometimes soon...

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