Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Previous Week or So, Part 1

Nine days ago, I woke up with eager anticipation. Three of my teens were arriving to spend their spring break with me. Nervous energy filled me... I wondered if I could pull off a week of "fun" in their lives... I felt great pressure to give them one exciting day after another so that they could say their time with me was amazing. The week was nothing like I expected. I did try to make the best of each day, but some experiences left me weary. I could share the heart breaks, but that's none of the public's business... so I will share the joys. Oh, and about those heart breaks... I am convinced more than ever that difficult marriages should be endured until children are grown (unless there is abuse) because there are no words to describe the pain in my heart when I see my children struggle... when the children just want mom and dad and their original "family". (I do tend to avoid many controversial statements... 'cause I am a chicken... I wear my feelings on my sleeves and hate offending people... but, there you go... divorce should be avoided if at all possible.)

Now, on to the moments that blessed my week:

When I slipped out for groceries to stock the pantry, I came back to this:
(We have three large buckets of this stuff!)

The next day we headed out for this:
(self portrait... I figured that I should appear in a picture every once in a while...)

Stephen and Joseph got a bit antsy and had a jumping contest:

One morning we woke up in the dark to go catch a sunrise... We were told about a pier at the end of a trail down that one road that you turn off across from that one store.... Uh-huh. We never found the pier, but... here is what the sunrise looked like "near" the delta...

Easter morning:

The best part of Easter weekend, was taking time to sit in church and soak in the message of God's redeeming love. During the Good Friday service the kids and I filed in and sat near the front. Our prayer service on this day tends to be quite sobering. While there is praise, the song selection ties into the message that Christ suffered and died for our sins. I was ever so thankful to sit in the congregation and not be up in the choir this year, because tears flowed. They were not to be stopped. When I stop to consider Christ's suffering and my sins, I am filled with grief and sorrow. Oh, how I wish I could not sin. How I wish I had the right measure of grace and wisdom and strength and could live without sinning. So, I sat and grappled with those thoughts, weeping and praying. Then such sweet rejoicing followed because Christ overcame death and is my living Savior and one day we'll be joined together, my sins ARE forgiven, I will dance with Jesus! We will rejoice together forever because lives of sin are no more...

Blessings to you. I will share another good bit of very fun photos from a couple of the past week's events tomorrow. For now I embrace the day before me... will wake up boys, hand over my financial contribution to the fuel industry (my vehicle is on empty... sigh... cringe...) and tackle some household tasks...

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