Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Not a very catchy title today...

I had thought of different things to write about and wished for a grand inspiration and simply gorgeous photos to share...

Instead I have a brief re-cap and some ordinary photos.

Here's how it's been... in a nutshell...

I've worked. Laundry has been kept up. Weather has been chilly. (Insert very sad face.)
A few plants have come up in the garden, even though the sun has been particularly stingy with it's appearances and warmth. I clipped coupons last week and USED them! They had to be for what I would normally purchase and I did not stockpile. I saved $30. However, the kids found items that made up the difference... Scott packed up and took the boys out by boat to our friend's property nearby. I joined later in the evening and we slept on the boat for our "camp out".

Our friend who shall remain unnamed (until I have permission to put it on a public blog)recently purchased an old home which has needed TLC. That is right up his alley. He enjoys taking old items and restoring them. He is actually quite gifted at it, in my opinion. Clayton goes out to work at his place on a somewhat weekly basis. Whenever I go, I take photos to document the progress.

Here is the wood flooring that has been put in... it matches the original.

This is the kitchen and dining room... our friend has taken out a wall that had divided this area and has some amazing plans for this area. I cannot wait to sit around a table and enjoy visits here in times to come!

When I went to my photo files to look at "before" pictures, guess what? I took pictures of any pretty or creative area... and you really cannot tell how much the yards have changed because of how selective I was in my photography... oops. Here is one yard, looking down as we come out of the upstairs:

Over on the other side of the house, there is a little pond.

And here are "walking around" pictures:

While out on a walk with Scott, the local ducks gave a live showing of "Make Way for Ducklings".

And.... after a long walk during which it was discovered that certain roads come to dead ends... a walk which included back-tracking and passing 79 homes and 3 empty lots... twice... I was treated to lunch by my dear one.

Thanks goes out to our good friend for hosting us. It is now time to enjoy a bit of grandmotherhood... and do a few chores...

Blessings to you!

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