Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Inspiration and Creativity

Ebb and flow. Wax and wane. Whatever phrase you like best... creativity comes and goes. Sometimes when life is hard, creativity comes to a stand still and you just do the next thing. But in the recesses of my mind, creative juices get together and begin to plot and plan and regardless of those feelings, I am back to making something. (And if the inspiration is slow in coming, my daughter will always sneak over to my computer and put on some fun, wacky song that I like and I am suddenly dancing around, smiling... and if you were to ask what song picks me up lately, it would be The Big Bang... but I didn't just say that, okay?? And I only recommend it for... ummm... married people out there!)(There's just something about the whistling and my mood is totally changed...)(Confession over.)

So, that long introduction to say I am following up a "not my favorite day" yesterday with a "bring it on!" day today. I made a headband this morning and my daughter-in-law has requested one and I am sure I will make oodles and oodles of them:

I like red.

And here's a sneak peek at another baby blanket I am making... this one will have a matching pillow...

And recent joys in my life include, but are not limited to (because I couldn't possibly limit the number of photos of granchildren):

I like red.

(This dress didn't come in red.)

Sweet baby boy had not fallen asleep in my arms for the past couple of months... yesterday he did this twice! What a blessed grandma I am!

I gave Victor a hair cut the other day... (yeah, this is random, but I am having fun selecting recent photos to share!)

More baby shots...

And now I that I am adequately inspired, I am off to face the day!

Blessings to you. And a good dose of creativity, too.


Pretty Marshmallow said...

cute babies :D

Bek said...

Pst! Where can I get me one of those headbands?!! Can you spare a couple maybe in purple for a broke college student? :P