Thursday, June 23, 2011

A day with College Girl

When the children were little, I loved taking shots of them throughout a day to show to grandparents who lived far away. Could I resist the temptation of doing that once more? No way! I started with the sleeping morning shot:

She always was the one to wake up the slowest... Then we had coffee together:

She found my small stash of crochet headbands and was quite excited about them. And she loved helping with little Chloe:

She is responsible for bringing this cat to our home when he was a tiny, abandoned kitten... I cannot say we were thrilled, but Tiger earned his keep that first summer by catching and eating flies around here.

We made some sun tea:

And we took time to smell the roses (well, we just looked at them):

And girl friend wanted me to teach her how to make headbands... I don't think she has ever crocheted before, but she really took to it!

And hours later... the fruit of our labor:

We played the game of LIFE during the afternoon and one of the boys said, "Hey, this is really like life..." And for a moment I sat there, inspirations swirling through my head... Taking in the parallels of life and the game. I am sure I had brilliant things to write and share, but I don't remember what they were. Thinking about it now, I think the game goes by much quicker than real life... and it only addresses careers, paydays, car wrecks and home repairs... (well, there's upgrading computers and some other stuff, too... ). Real life is much more challenging. I wish it was a simple as, "Hey, should I take the short way or the long way? To go up the hill or around it?" In reality, taking the short way means someone is hurt or you are misunderstood... and so you head for high ground or go the long way and well... what really matters is that you act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our God. You keep loving. You don't give up. Forgive others. Breathe in bits of beauty around you. Love. Love more. And that's all I got.


PS I fell asleep and was woken up at midnight by Bek. She led me out the door, across the grass and to blankets spread out, drinks and chips. I don't think I needed the chips. She shared a bit about stars that she learned in her astronomy class. Did you know that the North Star wont always be pointing north? Instead of having the "North Star" we'll have the "North region" and there is no south star and you only see Orion's belt during the winter here. The big dipper is actually part of a bear... I think she said a bear... It was a lovely summer night and I am glad that we had that to share together.

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