Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer time, summer time... sum-sum-summer time!

Oh, how I love summer! I love the carefree-ness. I love the bare footed-ness. I love the "grab whatever and go"-ness. I love the warm nights outside and the smell of the earth when I water plants.

This week's Renaissance photo challenge was shoes. And since it is summer, I will share my favorite shoe summer shoe photos. They speak loveliness and freedom... if any shoes could make me think of a tinkling brook, these would be them:

But, wait! These other shoes are not to be outdone... they are also my favorite:

Well... I could ramble on a bit about shoes... feet... priorities... but, I simply cannot tie any lovely lesson on all that together and I woke up with my meter on zero for "sense of humor", so it would be a boring ramble.

Have a beautiful day in whatever shoes you wear! I'll stick with these:

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

super cute shoes! I can't decide which I like best~ they are all so "me" :-)