Friday, June 24, 2011

Bridal Shower Time!

For the past year my daughter has talked about getting married... and she and Chris kept planning for a larger event "in the future". We really hadn't planned at all for a spur of the moment "get it done" wedding. I gave the soon-to-wed couple an assignment and asked them to research what all the costs were that are involved in a larger traditional wedding... then to calculate how much they would need to save each month to prepare... to check with parents to see what help they would receive. It was then that they decided on a small, out of town ceremony with parents and a few friends. We were pleased because that made it a bit easier to help them.

Then Bek's optometry appointment lined up with the week prior to the wedding (7/3/11), and I rather quickly put together a little bridal shower party for Shasta for an evening when Bek was here!

We shopped and had lunch with Sonia:

And Sonia's nephew, Ashton:

Bek spent the day adoring Jayden:

We cleaned house and set up...

As I was getting to Shasta's hair, Corey arrived, happy to crash a party!

(Okay, my mask doesn't really reflect my true persona... and I was TOLD to make this expression... I'm innocent, I tell you! Yeah, so one of my secret dreams is to get some gangster clothes and lip sinc to Black Eyed Peas, but that is a secret...)

And Heidi was too funny... her mask says "Bad" and she is SO not bad, she is a sweet gal!

The gals had some fun telling stories, we played the toothpick "I have never...." game and had lots of fun taking pictures!

And a shout out to Sonia!! Thank you SO much for the fun balloons and the wonderful 8X10 you made of the special couple. You were a party hero!

Blessings to you all... may you have a lovely weekend!

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