Friday, June 24, 2011

Favorite Photos for Friday!!

I actually took these today... just enjoying the day around the house.

I truly cannot believe how my heart could just burst with so much emotion when I see this little boy!!

Over at Renaissance, this week's photo theme was hands... I hadn't really thought much about it and then later, looking through today's pictures, I realized how Jayden is using his hands in this photo... for balance... and for expression. It's as if his one hand is saying to us, "Now hold on a minute, I've got this!"

And here are three others that just make me want to giggle and smooch him...

I really cannot stop laughing when I see this photo:

He had just woken up... How can you not want to scoop him up? I'm getting worse than his momma... when his lip goes out, my heart melts and he is in my arms...

I promise, I don't do anything to color his lips... aren't they simply scrumptious?

And his dark eyes... I could get lost in them... I could rant forever over those dark eyes! Be still my heart!!!


Savannah McQueen said...

Betty, that baby sure is growing up. His eyes are beautiful.

Rebecca said...

they make ME want to smooch him too!