Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Previous Week or So, Part 2

Easter day was in full swing. I knew that I'd be blessed to watch baby Chloe Monday through Friday the following week, so I wanted to get out on Sunday with the kids and visit my daughter, Rebekah. We had planned on heading to the university to visit her on Thursday, but decided it would be best to take advantage of the holiday and drive over for a visit. We were rewarded with TONS of fun...

We picked up Rebekah and her fiancee, Nick and found a place to sit down and have lunch:
Took a moment to confirm that Joseph is now taller than Bek... (she's 5 foot on her tall days):

Then we headed to a fabulous park:
Before I could look twice, four of them were on a teeter-totter. There was so much laughing and carrying on, you'd not believe it!:
We had SUCH a laugh when we saw the sign where the kids had picked to "play".
After a quick photo, we headed over to the bigger kids play ground!
The rope/web/climbing "thing" was loads of fun:
I LOVED that Victor was up for the challenge.
First, there were three at the top... then there were four:
And as soon as they got "reaching the top" out of their system, their play turned into the classic "tan bark is lava... you can't touch the ground... two hand touch means you're tagged and "it"!!" Here is a favorite of Nathan, being stealthy:
And, in the middle of the "tan bark is lava, let's play tag" game, there had to be a simultaneous "King of the Hill" game:
Bek wasn't playing that the tan bark was lava...
(When I spun around to take another shot, I would occasionally forget to check my camera settings, so some of them had too much exposure... so, I played with the coloring...)
There was a lot of chasing and a lot of laughing...
A new King of the Hill??
Here's a larger scope view of the playground:
And while these boys were busy chasing each other, Victor thought about making his own way up to the top:
I love his sweet smile!

Half way through the week we had a picnic and went for a hike. Just moments after we ate, my mountain goats were headed up the side of the hill:
It took a few more minutes to convince Victor to hike up the "hill" with me...
And here are my dirt covered jeans... from sliding down the path that I climbed up... I have to say it was fun... but it wore me out!

If only I could write those two finishing words... "The End" But, life isn't that easy, is it? When we come down from the mountain, we have to face life. Life. With constant change. So, after some lazy days with gaming, occasional quick trips to the store, and heart to heart talks, I said good-bye once more to three of my kiddos. I love them so much.


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