Thursday, September 8, 2011

Delightful Dragonflies!

Quite a while back my brother posted a really great photo of a dragonfly. I have pushed myself, whenever presented with the opportunity, to compete with that photo! But... these little creatures haven't always been so willing to sit still for photo shoots.

Then the other day happened! I don't know if it was because it was the right temperature or the right part of the day or day of the year, but I kid you not, these dragonflies were hamming up their time in front of the camera! It was practically unbelievable. I would walk along the path that runs behind the marina and notice them flying about and I would just stop. And they would, too! They would find some blade of grass or stick or leaf to land on and stay! Then, I would get closer and they didn't mind. I'd get a bit closer and they would fly up a moment and land right back down where they were, ready for more photos. I kept firing away... hoping for the prize of that one really, truly great shot where the body and wings and the detail would be in sharp focus and all of blogger-dom would stop and stare in amazement at my lovely photo...

Well... I can probably find somethings not so perfect in each photo, but here are my favorites of the day:

This one looks like she is praying!

Boat 080

Boat 072

I wasn't even thinking "bokeh" when I took this one!

Boat 455

I love how the wings look tipped in gold!

Boat 218

Boat 230

When I saw the red dragonflies, I thought that if I could get the best shot of one, I could turn it into art in my kitchen... since I recently changed the colors in there to red and cream...

Doesn't this one look like a lady giving her cute guy the eye? lol

Boat 249

Boat 386

Looking at them now, I am thinking I should have adjusted my f-stop. I had gone out with it set low so that I could practice shallow depth of field and then got all distracted with these dragonflies and didn't bump it up... I wish I could clarify the focus a bit on some of these pictures!!

Boat 549

So, there you go. Dragonflies. And I'll end with a true confession. When I upload photos and edit, the rest of the room grows dim and I intently look at each photo and when one comes up that I like... I get all excited, bounce up and down and say, "Oh, Golly!" But, don't tell anyone that.


Susi said...

Well, you did a great job with those pictures!!! Dragonflies are beautiful to be bugs, and they remind me of my ex-cat (I call her ex-cat because she disappeared) that used to come in with dragonflies..instead of mice or birds, very fascinating, LOL!

Hen Jen said...

lovely photos, I love bokeh!!