Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Got Bokeh?

One day I grabbed my craft bag with yarn, instructions and crochet hooks, my camera bag and Brian Peterson's Understanding Exposure book.

This is my 3rd time through the book and each time I get bogged down in some of the same places trying to get camera settings indelibly etched into my mind. I still don't know how to automatically adjust shutter speed for certain effects with water... But, I know bokeh! Oh, yes, I do! Bokeh is my favorite "thing" to play with. For non-photography folk, bokeh is the blur in the background you get when you have a large lens opening that causes the focus to stay close to the front of what you are taking the picture of. You get the result with a low f-stop number. I fell in love with bokeh last Christmas.

No further discussion... here are my favorite bokeh pictures!

Boat 352

Boat 345

Boat 341

Boat 322

Boat 311

Now for me to learn shutter speed with water... hmmm...

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