Sunday, May 6, 2012

3 Young Ones Overnight

Not the most creative title for a new post... I could have made it, "I'll take Sleepovers for 400, Alex", but then I'd be copying someone else's style... although copying is sometimes fun...

Anyway, we had all three grandchildren over last night for a sleepover. I think I got some sleep, too!

Jayden was here first and was thrilled when Christopher and Chloe arrived. They all swang together then headed inside. Chloe saw Jayden's new sippee cups and didn't want to use her own, so we washed one of Jayden's for her to share. Then every time Chloe got a toy, Jayden took it from her. We were on to him and provided intervention... As always, the two of them get together and funny stories play out before our eyes...

"I've got the rocking chair!"

"But, I want the rocking chair!"

Hair pulling ensues...

Chris brings in Jayden's car seat to use as a toddler chair...

But, Chloe wants that seat, too!

We do what has to be done... we sat Chloe down and gave her a 20 minute lecture on how she cannot keep this up... JUST KIDDING... We all know that you only hold a toddler's attention for 20 seconds max... But, what really happened was that I said, "Be nice, Chloe!" And she decided to be nice! They are both so funny.

Christopher was delighted that he was no longer a toddler and could just hang out and not be in the middle of baby drama.

I walked the halls with Chloe, singing to her and she fell asleep. Scott held Jayden, but he just babbled on and on in baby talk for an hour or so... I read
Harry, The Dirty Dog
to Christopher and he fell asleep. I think Jayden ended up talking himself to sleep.

Jayden slept with me and must have slept just fine because he woke up happy. In fact, he woke up and sat right up and said, clear as anything, "What in the world?" as he looked around the room. He is so funny!

Christopher and Chloe were picked up early and we had Jayden a while longer while his parents enjoyed church.

Snack time!

Jayden really, really likes trees...

Hey! What's that up there?

I can't see it good enough... So, I, Jayden-Almighty, shall climb this tree! (Yup, at 15 months of age... LOL)

Yes, now I see it better!

And he was quite pleased with himself and his recent adventure at Grandma's...

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