Thursday, May 17, 2012

Yosemite Valley

Have I mentioned lately that I was very excited to go to Yosemite? Lol.

As a mom and camera-woman, the view of the family that I have seen for years looks something like this:

But, never before had it looked like this:

We hit the trail seeing sights like that awesome picture!!!!!! Oh, my goodness, it was amazing!

I want to go back and check out the humongous sequoias!

Our first trek was to the lower falls. Most of us kept to the trail. A couple of us took to the hill and rocks and tried to cross in front of the falls. Those two learned quickly how wet you get from the mist and they so wisely turned back. Scott said, "Hey, they are smart, they wont walk into danger." And Scott was right. But, they were wet!!

Jayden's expression seeing one of the waterfalls!!

You cannot tell, but the boys were on top of those rocks about 25 and 30 feet up!

My heart just swells when I see this picture of Victor, my youngest. I love him so!!!

And tomorrow I will share a few favorite shots near Mirror Lake and the good-bye shots in the best lighting as the day came to a close...


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