Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April's Happiness Project Wrap-Up

I found these brightly colored mini bird houses recently and had to grab them... they look like Gretchen's new book cover (http://happiness-project.com/)(on the right tool bar) and they give me much pleasure when I look at them along my walkway!

Although I didn't give a mid-month update, I was very pleased with April's progress in the "Happiness" department.

I set out to get a bit more on track with daily plans and the check list review at the end of the day (Gretchen's Resolution chart). I have come a long way as far as keeping up with my calendar and getting done daily "things" that shouldn't slide by... however, the resolution chart is a tool that brings me down. Each month I have out of town teens that visit and I end up staying up later and while I keep an eye on my calendar and any important events, I ignore the chart. Then there are other days after I step forth into the day, my feet run away with me and next thing I know I find the resolution chart under a pile of papers and it has many, many unchecked days. It decreases this gal's happiness. So, I decided that it is a tool that does not add to my happiness and I just wont use it for a while... I figure that it is overkill. If I have the habit of checking calendars and setting daily goals each morning, I am doing great! My monthly goals will be printed and taped below my calendar so that I can add those into the mix. Happy! Makes me happier already.

April was a fabulous month on the "happy" scale. My goals were centered around being healthier. Many nights I got to bed by 10pm and several nights I did not use a sleep aid. That was a first in two years! (Cue the "cheer" card, please) I hadn't planned for that to happen, but I could not find it one night and then I kept forgetting to replace it and the next thing you know, I had slept a few nights without it.

I really wanted to find a liquid vitamin supplement because in my anatomy and physiology class I learned that our bodies don't use solid vitamins as efficiently and it's hard for them to work on a cellular level. I'd rather buy something that is going to really work... I have a trusted friend who is looking for some and she'll get back to me.

What I did find was really amazing! Several years ago I lost about 30 pounds following the Atkin's Diet. I started it one January and that summer ended up with a very painful gallbladder attack. I ended up keeping my gallbladder and changing my diet plan. Since then, my gallbladder does flare up occasionally... as in, about once every couple of years and particularly if life gets stressful and I've been eating less carbs/higher protein. This was the case a couple of months ago and I nearly went to the Dr. to get the "thing" taken out. That day my Dr. called in sick and I decided to wait it out and work on a healthier diet. Around that time and after I decided this month I would focus on health issues to increase my personal happiness, I received an email from a trusted long time friend and it had a link and a 30 day challenge for the liver. The liver, gallbladder and pancreas are synergistic and need each other to be healthy to do their best jobs, so I looked into this plan and gave my friend a call. I've been squeezing the juice of half a lemon, and one drop each of lemon oil and peppermint oil. (I was SO surprised at how potent one drop of oil can be!) Anyway, I take a shot of that each morning before anything. (I also had a teeth cleaning this month and the hygenist told me to not swish it around in my mouth, but to swallow quickly to protect my teeth.) In the pack of essential oils that I purchased was another bottle called Hapatox and I rubbed in one drop over the liver area each night before bed. I have felt SOOOO much better! I have absolutely no discomfort now. My husband freaks out if I go on a diet anyway, so I've decided to accept that my body really wants to look like a pear now... and I will not look like I did in my 20's again... so, it's time to let go of that and move on. That doesn't mean I will not make choices that promote healthy weight and all, but my choices are for health.

This month I also read up on fresh fruits and vegetables and how important it is to eat a rainbow each day (fruits and vegetables of as many different colors every day!). I got pretty excited about that and have been focusing on adding in more of those to our meal plan. Scott and I looked at juicers, too and we are both looking forward to hitting up the farmer's market on Saturday mornings and local fruit stands. I would also love to take Jayden to several "u-pick" fields for fresh produce! I'm happier already!

Another health goal was to increase the amount of water that I drink each day. That has been one more success story for me. I wash out and fill my water bottle each day and it is nearly empty by dinner each day. I am going to continue this and try to get in two of these water bottles a day. (32 ounce)

Overall, I am sure that April's goals were met and that I feel better overall, and that makes me happy!

I didn't consistently fill in a resolution sheet, but I did continue checking my calendar and setting daily goals (I know I already wrote that)(this is my wrap up where I restate the main points). I did get 6 donation bags taken out of the garage and home (that's a whole 'nother victory, I tell you!).

I also set out to get a new great shot of my grandson's sweet little face... and that always increases my overall happiness!

Today, being May first, happens to also be a day I have "off" and so I will set my new goals and come up with a printed sheet to consult with that will replace the resolution check list... Oh, Happy May!


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