Friday, May 18, 2012

Wrapping up our day trip to Yosemite

Jayden looking over a rail of a bridge at Mirror Lake.
The water was cold!

And his daddy taking a breather...

My two oldest sons at Mirror Lake:

Nathan (above) was the best uncle ever! I love his love for Jayden. I remember how tenderly he held Jayden as a little baby and the expressions on his face are priceless.

Grandma had to try for a quick photo shoot... lol. Most of the time I wasn't thinking about photography, I was simply in awe of the surroundings and figured I would capture whatever I captured on my camera and check out the photos later. I think if i had more than one day to be there, I would have calmed myself down a bit, breathed in the beauty a bit more and paused to think about what I was doing with my camera!!

If you look at half dome and notice the straight side to the left (the curved to the right), this next shot is taken below that left side, looking up.

The deer arrived on cue to escort us from the park...

So long, Yosemite! I'll be back!

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Savannah McQueen said...

Oh what a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing it with us, Betty Marie.