Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Time for the good ol' Smorgasbord again!

Well, life is in swirls around me, a little of this and a little of that going on.  It's been constantly busy and varied. 

Friday afternoon Victor participated in his schools Halloween parade.  He was a white ninja... something like an "assassin" to be more precise.  Boys.  Here he is putting on a move.  Mostly he hid behind this boy to avoid having his picture taken.

Julie and Stephen came for a couple of days and so did Shasta.  We mostly did ordinary things, like run errands.  And take photos. 

Shasta said, "Hey, mom?  We don't have a picture of you and I together!  You are always the one taking the pictures."  So, we are going to work on that during her next visit.

Then Shasta made these fun little white chocolate covered marshmallow ghosts!

And Julie carved a kitten pumpkin!

We went out Sunday and traded in my mini-van for another 7 passenger vehicle.  I loved my mini-van... sleek, comfortable, easy to drive... but it was worn out.  But, being myself, I had such a lump in my throat, saying good-bye to our van.  I hugged it.  Yeah, I even had tears in my eyes.  And now... to move on...

For "tackle a task" I did not get the trailer cleaned and this week I am supposed to work in the garage.  Looking at my schedule, I have Friday morning available to work in there... That was my target date to be finished!  And I wont be cleaning the trailer in my sleep.  So, I may outsource the trailer.  That is a fancy way of saying that I'll hire out one of the boys for one thing at a time and check to see that it gets done... as in $1.00 to get all the laundry out, $1.00 to pack up all items that were left by older siblings that are no longer wanted (worn out shoes and miscellaneous nuts and bolts... why do boys collect those things??), $1.00 to wipe down surfaces and maybe a couple dollars to vacuum... we'll see... The only thing I cannot hire out is the cleaning of mini-blinds... boys just don't "do" mini blinds... the "ruin" mini-blinds.

For fitness, I am  resolved to getting in 3 workouts this week... doing just a warm up, level 2 and level 3.  That's that.

Because, it's NANOWRIMO, baby!!  That stands for National Novel Writing Month.  And I am an official, signed up participant this year!.  I took the plunge.  Last night /this morning I wrote my first 1650 words.  The goal is 1770 per day for a total of 50,000 by the end of November.  It's exciting and fun, but, honestly, there's nobody sitting here next to me, cheering me on.  It's work.  But, I always have a novel floating around in my brain and it's time.

Blessings to you all this week, friends and family!

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