Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Two days before Thanksgiving post

For three days I have waited for just the right inspiration... for just the right take on life at the moment.  I've sat here late at night writing about recent epiphany's and joys and concerns.  Then I just wasn't sure about what I wrote, so I saved it, shut down the computer and tried once more to sleep.

I give in... I am just going to have some random writings!!  

This morning is so beautiful!  It's 5:30 am and I just couldn't stay in bed.  Realizing that at about 10am or for certain at 2pm I will be sitting somewhere yawning, wishing for a couple hours of sleep, I snuggled down in the covers.  That was about 4:45am, I suppose.  Then I started thinking about the stack of firewood.  About how nice it would be to sit in front of the fireplace, sipping coffee in a quiet home.  (Here's a shout out to my son, Clayton!  Thank you for working so hard in the back yard to provide me with firewood!  You rock!)

Wow.  I love this morning!  Quiet moments are so personally nurturing.  I like to think that they come close to what Jesus experienced with his Father.  I know it's NO where close to that, but... still.  Jesus would draw away from the crowd to pray.  When life is busy and so full of others who have wants, needs and desires, I just want to slip away, too!  I have a lot more of these lovely times now that the children have grown.  And like many others who have said good-bye to toddler days and elementary years, there are those times that I would just about give anything to have a morning nursing my babe or waking up with a wee one... to hear their little voices... to fix her hair... to read him his favorite story... However, I do love these times right now, too.  I trade in that baby for a teen who wants to talk late at night.  Instead of teething, we have growing pains in knees and emotional pain of maturing.  Instead of squabbling over toys, we have boys jockeying for seating in the Tahoe... then arguing over turns in a game... and each one really just wants some attention and to feel good about himself.

Within the next two days the house will fill up with people, voices, laughter, arguing and to be perfectly honest... probably little bits of sarcasm that make me cringe... and some fighting that will have to be stopped.  But, such is my family.  I will sit and watch them.  Study their faces.  Note who has changed a bit more and is looking less young-ish and more mature. (You know... teens... they go through these growth spurts and changes and all of a sudden, you wonder, "Where did HE come from?")

Later, when boys are up, laundry started and the fire has died down, I will paint walls.  Just touch up.  Christmas music will fill the house.  Clayton will replenish my firewood stack.  Cody will brainstorm today's menu with me.  Joseph will stretch out and hope that his knee gets better soon (truly a horrible case of growing pains... he grew two inches since Aug. and one knee is in major protest... we even went to the pediatrician just to make sure everything was okay).   Victor will enjoy halo lego characters and remind me several times of those two shirts that he really, really likes at JCPenney.

This afternoon I will go pick up the fresh turkey that I ordered.  The other day I was telling my dad about ordering a fresh turkey from the store.  I could not remember what store I had ordered it from.  I think he was a bit amused by that.  I wasn't really too worried because this is a small area... I only go to two grocery stores.  If I go to pick it up from one and they say I didn't order it there, I just go to the other store.  But, I am pretty sure I figured out where to pick up the turkey.  My dad, however, has been quite concerned about me forgetting what store I ordered the turkey from.  He called a couple nights ago to check up on the situation and I have strict orders to call him this evening and let him know that they turkey is here.  That is just the cutest thing ever!  My dad is the dearest man ever!!  (Here he is out and about with us this past July)

This evening my three high school kids should arrive.  It will get loud.   But, I will  love their enthusiasm.  I will marvel... comparing bed time with teens to bedtime with toddlers.  I think it was easier back in the day... And one of them will ask to sit and talk.  I love that.  And after a bit of sleep I will enjoy another cup of coffee in the early quiet of morning. 

Tomorrow we will play games.  I will brine the turkey.  I will make up side dishes ahead of time.  I will fuss over my father-in-love's menu plan (diabetic and no salt).  I will try to keep 7 people fed and simultaneously not use any of the Thanksgiving food. (The Doritos are mine, though... mine!) (Just kidding... I might share.) I will thank God several times for Cody.  He loves to cook.  He is my right hand man in the kitchen.  Then my daughter-in-law and grandson should come over to paint Christmas ornaments with us.  And my daughter Bek and her special guy, Nick, will arrive.  More games.  We'll try to fit in getting floors mopped and tables and chairs arranged... maybe... We'll work on a puzzle.  Watch a movie.  Play cards or dominoes.  Video games will go on...and I'll tell them to turn the volume way down (or off!) because I have heard the aliens get shot and the battle has been won a few times here already, I don't want to hear it again!

Thanksgiving.  I remember my mom talking about how she loved Thanksgiving.  To her, it was all about family sitting around the table.  Having her kids all together.  Well, that's right!  Our numbers will increase yet again on Thursday and we will be joined by Scott's parents, his sister and her husband.  I am SO hoping that the food turns out simply wonderful. I will miss Shasta.  She is spending Thanksgiving with her fiance and their friends with their friends' family up in Oregon.

I actually thought (don't laugh) that I could get out of Black Friday shopping.  But, there's not a chance of that.  I have teen daughters, you know!  So, I am excited about that... I think.  Maybe not.  We will have a good time.  We will jump at the end of a long line and take turns walking around to pick out stuff, then show "things" to each other and hours later when we get to the register we will pay for whatever goodies we have decided on.  Then we'll go do it again at another store.  And I'll wish that I was one of those gals who has mini hand sanitizer in her purse.  But, I wont be that gal.  The coffee will be cold before I finish it.  I hope to catch some sleep when we get back home because I have to head to work that afternoon from 2pm until 10pm.  I am betting that I might sleep good that night.  (I really don't bet with anyone... that's just a figure of speech) (I think I am in the habit of explaining literal from figurative... comes from teaching children and raising a child who has aspergers) (Now days it's the aspie child who has all the wit and is way ahead of us most of the time when it comes to speech!)

So, that's how our Thanksgiving week is looking.  Looks great from this side.  I'll take lots of photos and breathe in every moment.  Sometimes taking deeper breaths that others.  And I am going to set out a Thanksgiving notebook and a pen.  It's going to be put out all week for us to write in.  Anything that we are thankful for.  And in  a few days I'll be back here sharing photos and those little notes that were written down by whoever about whatever.

Blessings to your homes this week!

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