Thursday, December 22, 2011

Color Explosion!

Last night Bek and Nick arrived for our Christmas today... then they will head back to Nick's for Christmas with his mom. After a quick trip to the store this morning, Bek, Nick and Zoey made some yummy goodies!

After a bit of dominoes, during which my suspicions that Nick and Bek cheat together were confirmed, we headed out to get some fresh air. I tell you, Nick is a character and a half! These photos will explain it all... I call this first picture "Make-A-Wish-Nick" because he was begging for a picture with cows. I had to oblige.

This next one is Nick, the Tree Whisperer:

He's such a clown...

Bek Christmas 2011 017SSU

Hopelessly devoted to... where's that cow?

Bek Christmas 2011 073SSU

Nick did a fabulous job making tri-tip while Bek and I whipped up some marvelous twice baked potatoes... add in some asparagus, rolls and salad... Yep, it was a wonderful Christmas dinner. Shasta and Chris joined us for dinner and presents.

Bek Christmas 2011 084SSU

You cannot tell, but Shasta gave Bek a necklace with the words Key to My Heart... because Bek has a thing about keys. Bek got Shasta a really fun tablet where each page has a clever "to-do" list. It's fun to see the girls grow up and think of each other!

Here are my three girls:

Jayden really likes his "lovey-bear" from Aunt Bek:

Bek was a lovely sister to all, giving each of us a bit of gift-love and we shared our gifts for Bek and Nick with them as well. So did Shasta and Chris. It's so sweet growing in our relationships and having time together as family.

(Cody received a crystal growing tree from Bek, he loves it!)

Bek presented to me three figuring girls... the one for Shasta has a bowl, which is great since she loves cooking... the one for Bek is holding a dog, which is perfect... the one for Zoey looks a bit dreamy. It was so sweet of Bek to pick these out for me.

Nick loves the slippers I gave him... he keeps me laughing...

While Clayton and Joseph aren't in any of these shots, they were around all day... eating and playing... but, they kept slipping into their room for video games.

And to all... a good-night.


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