Monday, December 19, 2011

In Full Color... SO not black and white!

We had a lovely Christmas party... We enjoyed the evening with Shasta, Chris and their little Jayden along with Chris, Sonia and their Christopher and Chloe, along with those of us here at home... Joseph, Victor, Clayton, Cody, Scott and I. Friends who wanted to join in had family arrive at the same time, so it was just a cozy, family time... well, how cozy it can be with a 4 year old, 1 year old and 10 month old!! They are the joy around here!!

When the family spreads out to separate homes and I adjust to having adult children and fewer people to wake up with, the color fades for me. It's like waking up to a black and white world. And when they arrive once more, everything brightens up, the colors come alive! Perhaps only parents who have experienced empty nest understand... And this is just the beginning!!

And sometimes it's all full color! Last night was a full color night.

Zoey pushed me a bit in decorating for the party... I had a lovely tree, a poinsettia and the nativity on the mantle... but, she thought we could do a bit more and "festive" it up. So, I obliged... This year I had kind of ignored that holidays were approaching. Chris and Shasta arrived a few hours early, so I called on Chris to assist and before long, we had the home "festived" up (if there were such words, anyway).

Oh, I also fluffed up a mini-tree and handed Victor some beads, asking him to decorate it for the bathroom counter. I just LOVE it! I wish these moments in life could be frozen and saved... I cherish them!

We had to test out the wagon a bit... and Frodo was the lucky passenger...

And since it is the end of the following day I have four excited boys watching Terra Nova's season finale, and it's getting more difficult to come up with words to share regarding my favorite photos of the evening, I will just put up the pics!!

***I have to interrupt the flow of pictures and say that I was SO excited for my daughter-in-law to open the gift I had made for her... a 2012 calendar with my favorite photos from this year of Christopher and Chloe!***

And, speaking of Christopher, he has been having such fun with Joseph and Victor, Clayton and Cody.

It was great joy to give Shasta this gift. Zoey had taken these pictures of Jayden when he was about 5 weeks old and had them developed in her photography class. I didn't want anything to happen to the lovely print, so I matted and framed it:

Taking a picture of it doesn't do it justice. Oh! A bit of advice... If you want to give a gift and it's a secret, DON'T take photos of it. I took shots of the gift but only made the pictures available to a few people on facebook... but... Shasta uses my computer when she comes over. She was enjoying browsing a while and then she also downloaded some pictures herself... and found the pictures I had taken. Sniff. Sniff.

I am sure that I'll laugh about this in years to come. And, to tell the truth, Zoey told me NOT to take pictures of the gift. Sigh.

And the evening wrapped up and we are now looking forward to the next visit of family to come...

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