Saturday, December 31, 2011

My New Year's Eve Date!

Of course I had such great thoughts and insights during quiet moments of the day... the last day of the year... And, nope, I didn't write any down... So, we are stuck with ramblings at 7:42pm of the last night of 2011.

It's a wonderful night. Beautiful. Bliss.

Yep, if you know me very well, you know that can only mean a couple of things... and this time it means it's quiet here at home. I've got the house mostly to myself and am breathing in, taking in joyous memories and made a few more to boot...

Like these...

This was my New Year's Eve Date:

New Year's Eve 1 003

And we had a fabulous end of the year celebration!

Yessir, we did! First off, was the bath, complete with the whale who spouts water!

New Year's Eve 1 009

Uh... baby boy just doesn't stay in the basket in the tub anymore. He climbs out. Good thing this grandma knows that you stay with babies while they are in the bath!

New Year's Eve 1 010

New Year's Eve 1 018

New Year's Eve 1 020

New Year's Eve 1 022

Oh, the faces and noises this little boy makes!!

Now, to tell you a bit of a story. Jayden's momma does not like it when I comb his hair in the traditional "boy" hair style. She gives me that look and says, "NO! No comb overs!" And she promptly messes his hair up. But, momma wasn't here, so I had me some lovely time combing baby boy's hair!!

New Year's Eve 1 030

Isn't he handsome?

New Year's Eve 1 032

I truly cannot believe how fast he has grown and developed this year. For goodness' sake, he's only 10 months old! He should still be a baby!!

Next it was time for a night-cap... milk time!

New Year's Eve 1 037

Then we needed (needed, I tell you!) to get in some play time. Jayden loves stacking cups/buckets/etc.

New Year's Eve 1 041

New Year's Eve 1 048

New Year's Eve 1 060

Then it was lullaby time. We did my favorites... Sleep, Daddy, Sleep... La-La-Lu and You'll Be in My Heart... and he was out for the count.

New Year's Eve 1 066

So, all is quiet. My husband is out with the boys fishing on the boat. I do expect them home anytime now, though. Until they come in, aaaah.

I hesitate to get too deep in thought and begin planning for the next year because I am not sure how much longer the house will be so silent. I sit and hope, "Maybe tomorrow I can carve out a few quiet hours to think and contemplate and plan and write and make lists!" So, I may or may not begin that entire process tonight.

In any event, I had a lovely early evening and think I'll enjoy the quiet and then the increase in activity, volume and chaos of 4 teen boys when they walk in... and steal my Happy New Year's kiss from my dear one, Scott.

May your year wrap up blessed!

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Hannah said...

Love the fat rolls on the arms! They get tall and skinny so fast. My baby is 18 months and she's coming out of that squishy faze...I'll miss it so!