Sunday, December 25, 2011

My favorite Christmas song is "O Holy Night". There are several runner-up songs, but, I love that song. It's one of those that reaches the deepest part of me, I inhale deeply, taking in the meaning of the words and everything else fades away.

Jesus! 002ssu

Chris, Shasta and Jayden came over after breakfast for some morning fun...

Earlier this holiday season I heard the rhyme, "Something they want, something they need, something for fun and something to read". Well, that's from memory... it could have gone a little differently, but it was regarding gift-giving. Most of the kids received clothes, which they did need and even wanted... and a few fun things were thrown in... for a couple of teens, gift money for them to use as they'd like was the way to go...

The last gift was for Shasta. Chris had this all planned out and wanted me to take pictures.

Chris had selected a large box from his office to wrap her gift.

Is that a duck decoy in the box?

Are those 4 duck decoys? Really, Chris? Really?

Oh! It's a Nook!!! See Shasta! See Shasta smile!

Jayden is the baby who likes books... I think he'll like mommy's nook, too! Good job, Chris!

We were mostly just hanging out today... relaxing a bit... I made some amazingly delicious stuffed mushrooms and a prime rib dinner. I enjoy cooking on holidays. I've said that before. It's because I don't have to go anywhere or do much of anything else. Scott and a couple of the kids and I watched Despicable Me, which was a treat because Scott hadn't seen it before and so he laughed a lot. You cannot help but smile and laugh when he does!

Now I will enjoy listening to some more Christmas music and taking in the pretty decorations for a bit longer...

Peace... Blessings... and to all a good-night!

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