Saturday, July 31, 2010

Anyone up for a Smorgasbord?

When I was about 10 my family frequented a buffet restaurant for the "smorgasbord".  I loved that word!  It was fun to say it... smorgasbord... and the past couple days have felt like a little of all sorts of things... which is what a smorgasbord is!

We had the end of the first school week.  I had an out of town financial meeting that went very well.  And there were a few breadsticks thrown in for good measure.  The painting job in my bedroom (including the ceiling!) was completed, too!

I am really pleased with the "non white" selection that I made... it's called natural.  It's hard to judge the color by the pictures because of lighting and all... it is a light tan type color.  The white trim looks great with it... I think. 

Then there was a spontaneous trip to get $1.00 ice cream, followed by a random jaunt through the park, where I had a jumping-out-of-the-swing contest with Clayton.  I really thought about soaring out of that swing seat at the highest point... then some good sense came over me and I acted a bit my age... hey, at 40 I really don't want a broken arm or leg.  I am ashamed to say that I left my camera at home... there were so many great photo opportunities there!! 

This morning I surveyed the bounty from my garden and made up a double batch of zucchini.  That's the easy part... everyone will eat that.  Now the hard part will be hiding the yellow squash in some recipes.  Even if I batter and fry it up and make it quite unhealthy the kids make faces...

Today's events included a lunch out with my daughter, Bek, cleaning inside a cabinet under a sink, wiping down some nick-nacks that had been taken down during the paint job... and taking a half hour to rest... then heading out to the library to get some household organization and interior decorating books.  See what finishing a paint job will do to you?  Be warned!!

Tomorrow the smorgasbord will continue... I will attend church, do laundry, sit and ponder the yellow squash dilema and then scour those library books for some ideas for a household color scheme and window treatment options.  And somewhere in there I'll have to get groceries and plan out this weeks school week, because when I am done enjoying this weekend's buffet, Monday will be upon us.

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