Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Good-bye for now, Kay

This afternoon I was shocked... stunned and very heartbroken.  One of my besties from choir passed away last week.  There was no warning.  I want so badly to get an email that says there was some mix up and that she is still with us.  I want more time.  I am not ready to say good-bye and I have no choice.

The night she came into choir practice and sat next to me, we just clicked.  I loved her wit, which is something I run low on most of the time.  I loved the laughter in her eyes.  Instantly.  We hardly knew each other and the choir director, Karla, asked which prayer group she should be in.  Quickly reaching over and smacking her thigh, I whispered, "Say you want to be in mine!"  She didn't even know my name yet and called out, "I want to be in hers!"  Karla then asked me, "Which one are you in?"  Now, I was new and didn't know many people's names, so I pointed across the room and said, "I'm in hers!"  And, fortunately, our group leader was paying attention and said, "Mine!"  And so, each week at choir, we would pray together.  She prayed for my children and met most of them and spoke to them so sincerely.  We sang Good Friday night with the choir and then we sat near each other during prayer time.  When it was over and we stood up, she stuck out her hand, shook Scott's hand and said something like, "You've got excellent taste... I just love your wife." 

Kay set a lovely example for me.  She was a servant in heart.  I imagine that for some time now, I hope a very long time, I will look for ways to serve and think of her.  I hate thinking of walking into choir and her not being there... it breaks my heart.

Thank you for praying for the family of Kay.

Love your friends and family with all your heart,



Anonymous said...

Thats Deep. Sorry for your loss.

sewunique111 said...

Now you have an "Angel" looking out for you..She's there for you, Just think of her, and she'll be there for you ♥ Love never dies ~**~