Sunday, August 7, 2011

August Week 2 Goals

Today is a beautiful day and I am taking lots of time to sit and relax... to visit... to admire the sky, garden and enjoy pets. Particularly Joseph. He's such a darling pet!

Looking at this past week, I am thankful for the goals that were set a week ago. Yet, I must acknowledge that some days were very difficult. It's hard to break habits. It was very trying to stop myself from jumping on the computer and instead grab a book to read. But, it was worth it. I was able to meet my daily goals Monday through Thursday. Come Friday, though, I felt the pressure of getting that week's goal of painting the ceiling done. It took a whole lot of time and effort to roll paint. We have a high vaulted ceiling. Ouch. So, on Friday and Saturday my main focus was this one task.

Trying to break down the task of painting the kitchen, living room and halls as well as reorganizing and fixing some stuff around here is not easy. I think I took a realistic approach last week and hope that this week's goals are also realistic.

In the midst of daily life, fixing meals, helping with sweet grandbabies, enjoying my pet, Joseph (he's my son, actually)... I will attempt the following: (Why does this sound like a magician's trick??)

***Continue daily devotion (bump it up from 3 focused days last week to 5 this week!)

***Read: 30 minutes daily, continuing the rule of "Before getting on the computer, grab a book and read for 15 minutes!"

***Crochet: If I can get around the edge of the afgan once a day, this should get done in a couple of weeks!

***Photography: Continue enjoying what I have been doing. Learn some more!

***Home Improvement: (This one really bugs me this week) Clear stacks of papers at desk, give desk to high school son, Clayton, move into tall-upright desk, establish new filing drawer, re-organize shelves and paint entryway and lower walls of outer kitchen/inner living room walls... A lot of this is busy work that I detest. But, it must get done.

Here are my before photos, none of which are to represent quality photography:

Those are just painful! I would like to state, in my defense, that these areas have received quite a low priority as I've repainted my kitchen and done the ceilings... So, have mercy!! Well, that sounds good... but, reality tells me that my desk looks kind of like this a lot of the time. Switching to the tall, upright desk should help. I wont have open space to clutter up!

Now I am off to enjoy this evening. Think we'll get some take out food and enjoy a movie... early PJ night!!!


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